Week 58: Back at Tannheimer Valley


Three weeks at the Tannheimer Valley. For the third time we are here. After our visit in winter and our experiences in spring, we now discover the valley in summer. And that is very nice. Not only that we feel very well here. But it is also nice to come back to work to a place. You know your way and do not need to search. You know where you can find what and do not have to think about whether Rot Flüh is a person, a mountain or a river… You have heard it before and can relate to it.

Tannheimertal-Sommer-Sonnenuntergang_8116_17_18_19_20_21_22 1

Subjects are clear. Some things we have already done in winter times we will do again in the summer. Of course cross country skiing does not work – or walk across a lake. But some hiking trails can be walked in winter and in summer time.

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

Some cable cars can be used even in the summer time. Which is very nice. And there is the Tannheimer Tal Card. So you can go up every day for free.

Tannheimer Tal Sommer Wandern Schattwald Tannheimer Tal Sommer Wandern Nesselwängle Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim Tannheimer Tal Sommer Wandern Grähn

Also nearly all the theme paths are only open during the summer. At some paths the stations will be taken away in the winter season. But we had a lot of fun.

There is a new Geopath.









And a new letter way in Jungholz.

Buchstabenweg Jungholz Buchstabenweg Jungholz Buchstabenweg Jungholz Buchstabenweg Jungholz Buchstabenweg Jungholz Buchstabenweg Jungholz Buchstabenweg Jungholz

And we chased some subjects like sundowns or landscapes after a thunder storm. And there has been a full moon.

Tannheimertal-Sommer-Sonnenuntergang_8112_HDR 1

Vollmond Tannheimertal

We had the brakes of our car checked. But we have not got any further with our insurance problem. That takes so much time and is nerve wrecking…

Here are some more photo impressions – All Photos © Waltzing Meurers:

Hiking at Tannheimer Tal

Playground at Jungholz