Tannheimer Valley Disport


The weather oapometimes does not allow for a huge hiking tour. Maybe you are scared to be surprised by a thunder storm in the middle of a mountain or to get into a harsh rain… What can you do? In the Tannheimer Tal there are a lot of other things to do:

Thanks to the Tannheimer Tal Card you can drive up to the mountain tops and take a walk or just sit inside of a hut, enjoy a drink, listen to the cow bells or watch some para gliders.

Tannheimertal-Sommer-Tannheim-Neunerkoepfle-Wandern_8123 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Tannheim-Neunerkoepfle-Wandern_8136 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Tannheim-Neunerkoepfle-Wandern_8147

There on top you can wonderfully relax, even if sometimes a cloud blocks the sunlight. At the Neunerköpfle you can reach the top within some minutes and also in Grän it does not take long to the cross. A mountain climbing quickie so to say. In case of a rain fall you can reach a hut in no time…

In case you do not dare to go up you will find enough to do down in the valley.

In Jungholz there is now a letter way. Even if you cannot finnish the whole way you can get into a restaurant or coffee place if needed or if the weather gets bad. You can visit the other letters later.


Buchstabenweg Jungholz


You could have a stroll through the lovely villages. A lot of inhabitants spent much time on decorating their houses or gardens. There is so much to be discovered. And look up once in a while. Even on the roofs some things can be seen. There are a lot of places to spend a while or have a rest or there is a bench along the way. That is also a possibility to enjoy the Tannheimer Valley.

Tannheimertal-Sommer-Ortsansichten_8269 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Ortsansichten_8262 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Ortsansichten_8248

In Jungholz there are some herb gardens. What about a guided tour or a visit? Or you learn how to use the herbs. Either as herbal salt, wine or soap. There are several courses available.

Tannheimertal-Sommer-Jungholz-Kraeuter_8365 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Jungholz-Kraeuter_8407 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Jungholz-Seife_8467

The Haldensee (lake) offers also a nice walk. Once around the whole lake does not take much time.

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

The old salt street is very romantic. The ancient Gachtpass as it was called is a little bit steep but also full of variety. There are some benches, memorials or chapels. The way is fixed and bridges have been renovated. A nice way; to and fro. Unfortunately there is no round trip.

achimmeurer.com achimmeurer.com Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

The Vater Unser Weg – holy father way is a meditation route with 8 stations which invite you together with the beautiful surrounding to pause. No x-mile hiking tour but a smooth slow way with silence.

achimmeurer.com Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

In the newly opened climbing and boulder hall you can train or do a test course.

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

For kids – or those that stayed kids – you can visit the playground Neandertal in Jungholz or the water playground in Schattwald. 

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim achimmeurer.com achimmeurer.com

The museum of local history is worth a visit. There you can see many many things and can spent some time. There are not only different scenes from everyday life to be seen but also some work shops, vehicles and even a tiny school.

Tannheimertal-Sommer-Heimatmuseum_8313 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Heimatmuseum_8297 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Heimatmuseum_8325

In Tannheim you can also find a gallery with different exhibitions.

Tannheimertal-Sommer-Kunst-Galerie_8350_1_2_3_4_5_6 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Kunst-Galerie_8342_3_4_5_6_7_8 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Kunst-Galerie_8335_36_37_38_39_40_41 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Kunst-Galerie_8328_29_30_31_32_33_34

And then you can just relax, enjoy and do nothing…

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

Here are some more impressions from the Tannheimer Valley – All Photos © Waltzing Meurers


At the Neunerköpfle

Geo Path in Grän

Letter Way


Herb Gardens


Old Salt Street


Climbing And Boulder Hall


Local Museum