Week 63 and 64 – Algarve in Portugal


Somehow we get lost in counting our weeks because we have been booked for ten days or longer – not that we would complain, though…

Our second part of week 63 and week 64 we spent in Portugal at the Algarve.

Algarve – dream like coast with steep rock walls, incredible colours of the water and very good mediteranien food.

Felsenküste an der Algarve in Portugal

We stayed at the resort Quinta do Paraiso. And there was everything that defines a resort: pool, pool bar, animation, fixed and guided tours and buffets with a lot of well known dishes…

We arrived late after our flight and picking up our rental car. We have been searching for our house in this huge area. We should search a couple of times though during the next days even with the  support – or shall we say misguidance? – of our sat nav. Our best times was 15 minutes search I guess.

Our house was nice and fully equipped. But despite having two terraces we only had a view towards our neighbours. Therefore we have been very curious to see the coast and went to see it right the next morning. We were not disappointed. A view like in a holiday catalog.

Die Algarve - Portugals Küste

And it went on like that. One steep coast after the other. Beaches. Restaurants right at the beach side. Fresh fish grilled on charcoal… Perfect!

Felsenküste an der Algarve in Portugal

Frischer Fisch vom Holzkohlegrill, Algarve, Portugal

Sonnenuntergang an der Algarve in Portugal

Sonnenuntergang an der Algarve in Portugal

Wifi was actually not existant. And after the normal Portuguese promises really a technician came and provided us with a mobile router so that we could work fine.

Just one time we used the offered breakfast buffet at the resort. After had we had breakfast on our terrace at the house. The offer was kind of a compromise for all guests from Germany and Britain. And there was only one table in the shadow. With temperature above 30 C at least I don’t want to get roasted already during breakfast. All I say is: skin type 1

Why do so many hotels and restaurants bend and try to offer desperately some German breakfast thought they do not get the necessary food for that in their country? The snack bar was aimed towards britisch guests.

We toured a lot during our stay. We went up and down the coast line. We went to the Spanish boarder. We experienced the hottest day of the year for us with 37,5 C. And we discovered very nice restaurants with great Portuguese food.

We have not been in a pool or the sea once. We did not lay at a beach – and no – we have not taken place in playing mikado or singing along at guest karaoke.

Felsenküste an der Algarve in Portugal

We experienced the forest fire at Monchiqet from afar. Once we could not drive our planned route and later after the fire unfortunately had been fanned again we drove through the cloud and had to spent two days inside our house because it smelled very badly of smoke and it was raining ashes.

The best part of our house was the washing machine though and it rotated accordingly.

We stay in Portugal and proceed with the capital Lisbon.