How to Make Kaiserschmarrn

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I guess most of us know the plate full of golden pieces maybe with some raisins in it. And some apple sauce. The Kaiserschmarrn. At every hut in the alps it is on the menu and is a popular dish after an extensive hike. Every chef has probably his own recipe and every one has surely her own trick or secret ingredience, that makes the “Mehlspeise” – as it is called in Austria – something special.

We were allowed to look chef Michael Schranzhofer from the alpine lifestyle hotel Jungbrunn in Tannheim at the Grill restaurant over the shoulder. Thanks a lot for the opportunity!

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The classic ingredients are: milk, flour, eggs, sugar and some salt. For the sauce – at the Jungbrunn you will get plum sauce instead of apple sauce with it – you need some plums. And a lot of butter for the pan. And here the Kaiserschmarrn will be flambéed. Therefore you can spot also some rum on the table. And raisins… There is a lot of discussion going on whether a Kaiserschmarrn is made with or without raisins.

But let's get started:

Put the milk in a bowl and mix with the flour.

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Add the eggs and stir. And add the sugar and mix it all carefully.

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Put some butter in the pan and add the dough. Let it bake until the lower part is firm.

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Put the pan under the salamander.

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When the surface is golden brown take the pan out and cut the dough in pieces.

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Add again some butter and some sugar and caramelise the pieces while stirring.

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Add the raisins.

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Now pour the rum and ignite it.

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Add some icing sugar and serve it with the plum sauce.

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