How to Make “Speckknödel”

At the Adlerhorst hut we ate such a good bacon dumpling that we asked whether we could watch one day how they are made. Thanks for the chance!

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The base are cubes cut freshly out of own bread rolls (Semmeln).

Then you need some homemade bacon, onions, leek, parsley and some spices, lard, milk and flour.

The fine cut bacon is roasted and put on the bread cubes.

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After that the fine cut parsley, leek and the spices are added.

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The onions are roasted in greaves lard and are also added to the cubes.

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Then the fluid is poured and everything is mixed. It may rest for a while.

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Some flour is added and again everything is mixed. And the dumplings are formed.

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After cooking serve them in a consommé with some fresh cut chive.

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Enjoy your meal!!

Thanks again to the team of Adlerhorst hut. You reach the hut by a 30 min walk through the forest or a 40 min walk along the private road. No cars allowed! But there is a free shuttle service. From the hut you have a great view over the Haldensee.

Berghütte Adlerhorst

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