Week 68 and 69: Tannheimer Tal in Autumn

Coming from warm Lisbon we had some difficulties to adapt to the climate.

Change from Summer to Winter

Koffer packen für den Winter

In Mönchengladbach we emptied out our suitcases, put everything into the washing machine and sorted it our. The thin summer clothes went into a storing box and the thick winter clothes into the suitcase. Very good that we have got vacuum bags. They save a lot of room. Nevertheless winter needs more luggage than summer. Well! That will hopefully change soon, when we get another car.

We are still looking for one though. In case you know something…

Meeting people and chatting all night

In Mönchengladbach we also met Tanja from  Vielweib and could have easily spent another two nights talking to her. Get in touch if you want to meet us when we are around. We love to meet you!

After having packed the car for the winter we started towards Tirol. As we have mentioned we went in two stages. That was a good idea as we got into some big traffic jams and needed twice as much time as planned.

Another night we spent talking at relatives in Stuttgart and then we drove – without traffic jam – to the Tannheimer Tal.

For the Fourth Time and Still Beautiful

Sonnenuntergang im Tannheimer Tal im Herbst by AchimMeurer.com                     . DSC_5554 by AchimMeurer.com                     . DSC_5558 by AchimMeurer.com                     .

Tannheimertal-Herbst_4523 by AchimMeurer.com . Tannheimertal-Herbst_4527 by AchimMeurer.com . Tannheimertal-Herbst_4652 by Array.

Inviting and slowing down. We love to be here and start to understand why there are so many regular guests.

Tannheimertal-Herbst_4532 by AchimMeurer.com .

Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative. We had hoped for a golden October but it was autumnal rather grey and wet. There were even the first snow flakes.


On the other side we had spectacular fog plays in the morning. And during the night the deer bellowed quasi under our balcony. Wonderful.


As we could not be outdoors as much as we wanted we looked for our favorite themes: culinary arts and handicraft.

By coincidence – a business card in a cheese shop – we learned about a jung woodcarver ‘Adi Schmid' (workshop in the hut Adlerhorst) who is refreshingly different und carves particular things apart from the usual holy figures. That was a really nice meeting


We searched for Kaiserschmarrn. At an alpine hut they were not really prepared to let us look into the pot or rather pan but at the hotel Jungbrunn they have opened the kitchen doors for us.

Read the full story here: How to make Kaiserschmarrn

Tannheimertal-Herbst-Kulinarik-Food-Jungbrunn-Kaiserschmarrn_5284 by AchimMeurer.com .

On the hut ‘Adlerhorst', that we wanted to visit anyway since we came to the valley but always thought it would be rather difficult or time consuming to get there, we learned how to make bacon dumplings (Speckknödel).

There is also a whole story about: How to make Speckknödel

Tannheimertal-Herbst-Speckknoedel-Adlerhorst_5110 by AchimMeurer.com .


What else?

I caught a cold which was to expect after the temperature fall. But inspire of a lot of vitamins and sauna I could not avoid it

We are still planning our vacation. More will come soon. And we treated ourselves with some massages for our aching bones.

And! We actually ate ‚Käsespätzle‘.

From Tannheim we will move to Wolfenbüttel. Hopefully with less traffic jam…

Here are some more photo impressions (photos © WaltzingMeurers) from the Tannheimer Valley

Kitchen Action at Hotel Jungbrunn


Hofladen Zöblen


Bauernladen Tannheim


Kinderparadies Tannheim


Hiking in Autumn at Tannheimer Tal


Autumn Impressions

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