Year Round Holiday at Tannheimer Tal

We have been for the fourth time at the Tannheimer valley. One time in each season. But it never gets boring. The whole year round there is so much offered and there is also a lot going on the whole year.

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Lets start with the winter time.

Of course it is all about snow and all connected activities like skiing, cross country skiing as well as ski tours and snow shoe hiking. Whether pure beginner or professional here you will find enough to choose of. But besides there is also a huge offer for people who are not at all interested in those boards under the feet. We have been totally thrilled by winter hiking without any special equipment. You go up by cable car and walk along prepared ways with normal winter shoes and can even climb up the one or other mountain top. Fantastic! If the Haldensee is frozen you can skate on it. When there is snow the cross country slope leads over it and a hiking path.

In case you like sportive events have a look at the skitrail. That is a nice event for the whole family. Or the hot air balloon festival. Here you can even watch the Tannheimer Tal from above.


In spring time the white turns yellow when the meadows are blooming the whole valley literally glooms. Now the biker get their time. Here you have again different cycle routes in all kind of levels and so you can see many many cycler peacefully cycle along on the wide routes. Mountainbikes, trekking bikes, race bikes, touring bikes and all that also in the e-variation. For the hikers open now more and more tours, even if you cannot reach all mountain tops easily and without snow. The cable cars are running so you can enjoy the fresh air and the wonderful view without having to cover long distances.


At the summer time everything gets green and everybody urges outside and uphill. All hiking paths are open. The different mountain tops want to be climbed. The cows are brought up to the alpine pastures. Playgrounds invite to the open air and you can splash around in the waters or swim in the lake. Everywhere you can see bicycles. The sportive ones take part in the ‘Radmarathon' – a bike race for every one. Motorbikes chug through the valley and over everything paragliders float along. The cable cars move nearly everything up on the mountains and the theme paths invite you to play or to puzzle. Or to an interlude. In the herb garden everything is in flower and everywhere it smells of hay. Other sportives take part in the “Drei-Seen-Lauf” – a run through georgeous landscapes.

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During autumn the cows come back from the mountain pastures and the trees get colours. The cable cars run however and you can climb still a lot of mountain tops weather permitting. Hiking paths are free and still some cyclers are on the routes and tracks. The alpine huts are still open and invite you with hot drinks and solid food to warm up. Hiking tours or walking rounds might get shorter but therefore the time spent at the spa in the hotel might be longer. In the morning fog is wafting over the Haldensee or drifts through the valley and in the evening deer bellows.


What else?

The whole year round you can visit museums or the gallery. The new climbing and boulder hall has opened and waits for enthusiastic climbers. For the little ones there is the amusement hall with slides and a huge climbing garden. Food and drinks are available as all restaurants and cafes in the valley are open. In November it gets a little bit quieter as many hotels prepare for the winter season and clean up. But even then there is still enough to be discovered and to do.


One year Tannheimer Tal

One year of visiting the Tannheimer Tal lies behind us and we cannot really say which season is the best. Each has something special about it and all are beautiful. For us the best part might be that you can hike all year round.

Which season do you prefer?

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