Week 70 Northern Harz Foreland

From Tannheimer Tal to the Northern Harz Foreland. What ist there anyway? Never heard of it! A glance to the sat nav reveals ‚former border to the GDR‘. Oh! Yes. Our holiday flat lies only a stone’s throw away from the border facilities in an old railway station building. The flat is huge, has a washing machine and a perfectly equipped kitchen. A welcome change for a hotel room.


The first morning we wanted to have breakfast somewhere but in the villages there was no cafe. Everything was darf and quiet. In the fifth village we just wanted to buy some buns and cheese instead but also the corner shop was dark. But it was open though. Here you have to have a very close look. Otherwise you will miss a lot. First learnings! The corner shop was well-assorted and offered nearly everything up to school cones and underwear.

Talking about clothing. The washing machine was on heavy rotation again. When you have the possibility to decide then you have to take advantage of that. Achim indulged himself in recipes and in doing groceries. Unfortunately he caught a cold, so that all these elaborate dishes stayed  untouched.


We drove around the villages and discovered beautiful places. Many small hidden things that you would not expect here in the first place but that are also not promoted blatantly. We went to a monestary with a demeter farm and a cheesery, saw a windmill, gazed a half timbered houses in Hornburg and ate even “some of it”, finally made it to Achim, admired castles and manors and have been to a chocolate manufactory.

We met a couple that also wants to go waltzing. We always find that very interesting and loved to answer  all their questions.

And we still looked out for a new Waltzing vehicle and came to a Ford dealer where we got complete new ideas.

We are planning our holidays or sabbatical.

And we are looking forward to Wolfenbüttel and the more than 600 half timbered houses.


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