Week 73: Pit Stop

After the kitchen party at the Weinbergschlösschen we went to our old homeland – to Graz – for a pit stop. This week had not been booked so one day we decided to put no further effort in it to sell it but to use it as a break.


So we planed the interior of our new car, which wasn’t that easy. Plans were changed several times. Things were measured, discussed what could fit where, and plans redrawn. Sketches were complemented only to be discarded afterwards. At the moment there exists one version which has not been changed for a couple of days… Let’s see…


Achim tried to get rid of his horrible cold. I have been to another therapist with my shoulder. He thinks that it is an over expansion of the joint capsule. He showed me some exercises that I am doing now. It looks like a shoulder problem is lengthy, though.

It’s time for our holiday I think. So we can care for our little aches and pains.


We met good friends and old companions and were cooking together and partying. We chatted and developed ideas and exchanged experiences. That was nice. And we noticed that we miss barcamps and would love to visit one soon.

And we also worked on our new business concept.


And so we started fresh into the new week.


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