Week 77 and 78

Our 77th week lead us again to the Ruhr area. This time everything was – according to the season – about Christmas markets. So we spent nearly every day around the blue hour at one of the many many Christmas markets and had a look around what was offered. There were a historical market, mother Hulda shaking her pillow, the biggest Christmas Tree and a romantic net of lights. Additionally there were numerous booths full of interesting things and of course something to eat and drink. As supposed for a real Christmas Market…

Here you can find our report: Christmas Markets in the Ruhr Area

Weihnachtsmarkt in Bochum im Ruhrgebiet by Array.



But we have also been at the Ruhr wetlands. Early in the morning with a very nice light and mood at the outdoors.

Sonnenaufgang an der Ruhr bei Hattingen im Ruhrgebiet im Winter by Array.


And we have been ice skating at a very special an unusual place. At the old coke oven plant at Zeche Zollverein in Essen. Haven't done that for ages.


Some hotel photos also have been on our list.


Inbetween the brakes of our car made awkward sounds. And while we were still thinking whether we should go to a garage to have them checked, the light bulb at the front left stopped working. And all that during the darf season. So a visit to the garage it was. With the help of google we found a backyard workshop with very good reviews and we also have been very satisfied with the service. We had no waiting time at all and instead of selling us expansive parts the foreman quickly repaired our car so that it hopefully will keep up until we will get our new car. We will see…


While we were waiting for our car to be repaired we looked out for café where we could wait, attend to something or the other and have a warm drink. We found a nice place where we had a lot of fun. It seems that all the neighbours meet there for breakfast and even passers by are asked to join for a coffee. Prices were quite low and the self made cake was delicious. Again we found a hidden gem. The name of the place is „Cafe Kinkerlitzchen“ by the way. Which means „trivialities“. Though it wasn’t…


We are searching…

We are still searching for an agency for us or a kind of a tour management and we are further planning 2017. We also want to change some things next year.



Once again the Ruhr area took us by surprise. Most of the Christmas markets have not been too crowded. Parking in the middle of the center was – compared to Graz e.g. – really low priced and there have  still been free spaces at the car park.

As we wanted to have overview screens of the markets we visited different offices of companies from which we had a nice view from above.  Sometimes we just rang the bell somewhere, where we expected a good view over the market. That was a funny thing to do.

Der Weihnachtsmarkt in Recklinghausen by @ Achim Meurer.

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