Activity Holiday in Saxon Switzerland

You think an activity holiday is a great idea? And you are looking for an activity hotel? There are so many. But how many of them have a sports center included?

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The Aktivhotel Pirna is one of them. Or the only one?

From outside the hotel does not look big at all. But once you are inside you will notice, how long the building actually ist and how much is offered there…

Details im Aktiv Hotel in Pirna by Achim Meurer.

First of all there is a tennis hall with five places. But there are also courts outside. Then there are volley ball fields, basketball and a huge fitness center with all kind of machines. Don't forget about squash and badminton. Oh yes! And there is table tennis also. Not enough? How about billiards? Or tabletop football? Ninepins?

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Here you get much more than the usual hiking path behind the house and yoga in the morning. Here you get a full recreation and sports centre. In case that you need more you might like the municipal swimming pool right next door.

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Everybody can find something here for a really active holiday. At the first floor there is a huge fitness centre with a lot of different exercise machines. There is even a small room for those who like really big muscles and need heavy weights. But there is also something for your well being afterwards. Attached there is a spa with saunas and a terrace.

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Above the fitness centre you can find the treatment area. Here you can get a message after the training to untighten your muscles or even treat a minor injury with Shiatsu or other treatments. The skilled staff will find the right program for you. Or you just relax in a hot tub.

It will never get boring. There are two rooms where different courses are offered. At least one a day. There is back exercises, tums bums and thighs, karate or zumba for the elderly without jumps and difficult movements. Everybody will find something adequate.

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Expert staff is everywhere around to help you with tipps. You can also book personal coaches and trainers to get an idividual plan and advice.

After the sport you can replace the burned calories in the hotel own restaurant or you meet after a match with your sports partner at the bar for a cold drink.

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In the evening you sink down into your bed in one of the nice rooms at the Aktivhotel.

So how about some activity holiday?


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