Visit Saxon Switzerland in Winter

Sonnenaufgang über der Bastei Brücke im Winter by Array.

What can you do in Saxon Switzerland in the winter times? You would think there is not much to be wenn or to do. We have been there and have tried it out.

"Die 7 Brüder" - historische Fachwerkhäuse, sogenannte Umgebindehäuser, in Bad Schandau by Achim Meurer.

First of all you can do what you would do the rest of the year: Hiking. Most hiking paths are accessible. Also with snow. You should have good shoes, sticks and maybe spikes. But you can go hiking. With or without snow. And you can stopp at an Inn.

Fotos vom Photowalk Februar 2017 Sächsische Schweiz by Achim Meurer. Fotos vom Photowalk Februar 2017 Sächsische Schweiz by Achim Meurer.

Many ‘Baude' are open even in winter. Different opening hours are given at the beginning of a hiking trail so that there should be no surprises when arriving. The menu might be smaller, too, but you will get hot drinks to warm up or cold drinks if you are really thirsty. Tipp: Stay a little bit longer, even after the Baude has closed to enjoy the sunset!

Sonnenuntergang über der Sächsischen Schweiz, Ausblick von der Brandbaude by Array.

You can also do some sightseeing. This is also possible in winter. The ‘Bastei' looks great with a little bit of snow on it. Some paths might be closed. But it is worth a visit anyway. Hotel and panoramic restaurant are open so that you can have a break, warm up or get something to eat and to drink.

Sonnenaufgang über der Bastei Brücke im Winter by Array.

The lift in Bad Schandau is also a nice destination in winter. The lift has shorter operating hours but once you are on top you can have a walk or relax in the ‘Baude'.

Der Aufzug zum Aussichtsturm in Bad Schandau by Achim Meurer.

Festung Königstein is also open and always a nice spot.  Of course you can also just stroll around or discover the huge site with a guide.

Festung Königstein Sächsische Schweiz by .

In winter there is a Carcassone fan meeting at the ‘Festung' where you can play the famous game in the old castle for hours.

Carcassonne Fan-Treffen, Spielenachmittag auf der Festung Königstein by .

It is also fun to visit the old well. How long does it take until one liter of water arrives a the bottom of the pit? Or have a look at the sub cellar. How many alleys are and steps are there? It also won't get boring.

Das Brunnenhaus der Festung Königstein by Array.

In case you need a break there is an medieval tavern where there is a cosy fire burning and you get solid food.

Das Restaurant Musketier auf der Festung Königstein Sächsische Schweiz by .

The winter village makes another nice destination. You can have a warm spiced wine at the fire place or take a bath in the hot tub. Additionally there is a extensive program with talks, movie evenings, eye training, yoga or live music. It's your choice.

Das Winterdorf Schmilka in der Sächsichen Schweiz by .

How about a photowalk? You get outside, active, will see nice landscapes and can exchange with like-minded people. And you can indulge into your hobby of photography.

Fotos vom Photowalk Februar 2017 Sächsische Schweiz by Achim Meurer. Fotos vom Photowalk Februar 2017 Sächsische Schweiz by Achim Meurer.

Have you ever tried archery? That is also possible in winter. Yes, also in the snow. But if you don't want to get cold you can have a try in the hall. Concentrating on the aim is supposed to be relaxing and will keep your mind off the daily life.

Bogenschießen in Lohmen bei Pirna by .

Or you have a walk through Pirna. Without people and tables and chairs or advertising signs the streets and alleys are even more beautiful. You can admire the wonderful old houses and the doors without being disturbed. So the town has a completely different view. And you might discover one or the other gem that you easily oversee in summer time and have a visit to a café or restaurant. There are some waiting to be discovered in winter times. With a cup of hot steaming chocolate or a specially roasted coffee with a handmade praline or a fresh made piece of cake. Like ‘Eierschecke‘. That's bearable, isn't it?

Wie macht man eine Eierschecke - Der typische Kuchen aus der Sächsischen Schweiz by .

In case the weather is not so good and you don't want to go outside there are some activities nonetheless.

Have you made your own candles? How about a giving it a try? At the old barn it is cosy and warm and smells of warm wax. You can use the handmade candles as a gift or a nice souvenir.

Kerzenziehen in Pirna in der Kerzenfabrik Kerzenträume by .

The National Parc Centre is open all winter and does not only inform about hiking trails but there is a lot more offered – not only for kids. At the exhibitions time flies because you can touch and try everything and you can even learn something.

Auf Entdeckungstour im Nationalparkzentrum in Bad Schandau by .

Culinary arts is another subject in winter. Now the regional speciality of Saxon Switzerland tastes really good: Krautwickel. Many restaurants do have them on their menu and there are some variations like filled with fish or even vegan. It's a must!

Die regionale Spezialität der Sächsischen Schweiz: Krautwickel by .

Now would also be the time to give yourself a treat and visit a sauna or take a nice hot bath or get a massage. There are a lot of different offers.

Massage in der Naturheilpraxis im Biohotel Helvetia in Schmilka by .

If you like sports give the sports center at Pirna a try. There you can play tennis, squash, badminton, billiard, table tennis, table top football or try exercise machines or take part in one of the many offers courses like yoga, zumba or gymnastics.

Aktiv-Sport-Hotel-Pirna_1501 by .

In case you search quietness you could read a book. We found nice places to find books and also places where you can read a book. It is much more exiting if the author comes from Saxony or the book's story plays around here.

Lesen und Entspannen im Kaffeehaus in Pirna by .

Still not enough? Well nearly every weekend there is a mariner carnival here. With a parade and selfmade floats and all the important figures.

Schifferfastnacht-Postelwitz-Bad-Schandau-Saechsische-Schweiz-Sachsen_0009 by .

Saxon Switzerland in winter? Let's go!!