Week 92: Still in Pirna

Aktiv-Sport-Hotel-Pirna_2630_HDR by Array.

What a luxury! We did not have to move at all. We stayed in Pirna. Well not all the time. Just for our hotel accommodation. 

Aktiv-Sport-Hotel-Pirna_2630_HDR by Array.

We are getting used to our new car “Matilda”. Parking is different now and some car parks we cannot use any more because of the hight. Everything is new…

Sunday we did a short trip. We have been in the region a couple of times but we never managed to use the historical lift in Bad Schandau. But this time we did it and went up to enjoy the view. Afterwards we walked along the river Elbe a bit on the promenade. Georgeous. In the evening we went again to the cinema and afterwards visited a famous restaurant in Pirna. If you need tipps. We now know quite a bit in Pirna…

We sent out the prizes for our voters for our photo of the year. Hopefully they all have arrived by now.

Again we did a documenation about culinary arts. This time we learned how to do “Eierschecke“. Afterwards we had to try it of course. It was really yummy but we were stuffed.

We also did a test for our workshop about content. We learned a lot and now can work on the concept.

We went a second time to dip candles. This time we made a HDR lantern. Absolutely fantastic! For the first try. Next time we have to use different paper and print the photo in a different size. But it looks stunning.

We also went back to Schmilka and learned about brewing beer. Very interesting. We could taste the different states. Some tasted good some not. It was amazing to see how many stages there of the beer while brewing until it tastes like beer.

We visited the national park centre and were surprised how much fun it is. From outside it looks not very inviting but inside you can do something everywhere. You can not only watch but touch things.

Finally we did some photos at the Toscana Therme. And we visited Dresden. We took the chance as we were so near to it.

And that was our time in Saxon Switzerland. Time flies.