Week 93: Our Waltzing Vehicle was equipped

Week 93 was all about wood and constructing. Our new Waltzing Vehicle ‘Matilda' was equipped near Graz – where we have lived for four years – and got beautiful wooden furniture.


We already hat thought about the interior for hours and have drawn sketches. But now it got serious. The material was ordered and we were ready to start the equipping.


First the car got an isolation. Some parts got two or even three layers.


Achim has been all the time in the workshop and helped.

IMG_7564 by .

After that the cabinets and storage rooms was built.


Again and again the pieces had to be adjusted because inside of the car there was no straight line. Everywhere something stood out or there were slants.


The furniture had to carried in and out each time and had to be assembled anew. What a job.


But Günther from ‘Creative Service' did a great job and designed everything exact and fondly and – nomen est omen – very creative. Unbelievable.

Shot with DxO ONE by AchimMeurer.com.
Shot with DxO ONE

Everything is not only functional but also beautiful. Everything gets rounded and smoothened and gets a personal touch.


We additionally bought a self inflating mat and a mobile cooling box. Now we can store all our belongings and do not need to carry so much into the accommodation facilities.

Here is a video about the equipment:

With our new furnished car we went on to our former home – towards Bonn.



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