Hotel zur Post Füllenbach in Bonn-Beuel

The owner run Hotel zur Post is in the middle of the Küdinghoven in the part Beuel of Bonn. It is not in the city center, but has still a good position. The tram stops only a few steps away and will bring you to the stations or directly into the center of Bonn. Also the highway is near. And there are is a big company in walking distance. Another huge company can be reached in a couple of minutes. Even the trade fair Cologne can be reached easily from here. These are all good reasons why the hotel is liked by business travelers. But there is more.

Die Zimmer im Hotel zur Post in Bonn by Array.


There are over 70 rooms for each taste. There are these old rooms with handpainted rustic furniture and a special flair. Some lie very romantic under the roof top with timbers and some with huge panoramic windows and view to the „Post-Tower“. There are clean style rooms with dark wood and soft carpets. And there are rooms with warm wooden furnitures. Each room has a different layout. Really. There are single rooms, double rooms, shared rooms, suites, king size beds, daybeds and apartments for one or more persons. You will find a room to your liking.


Another speciality is that the rooms are spread among a couple of buildings. So you might have to walk to get your breakfast. Breakfast is served in the main building and the buffett offers a wide variety. More than ten sorts of cold cuts, cheese, mozzarella with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, but also anti pasti, cereals, yoghurt, curd, fresh fruits and fruit salad, small pancakes, pasty, selected tea, coffee specialities, two sorts of scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, and I am sure I forgot something.

Sonnenuntergang am Rhein in den Rheinauen in Beuel by Achim Meurer.

In case you are not here for work only or you would like to do something after work you can take advantage from the position of the hotel. Behind the huge company lies the river rhine. The way to it from the hotel is car free. You just have to cross one street and you are right at the water and in the park. The so called „Rheinauen“ are also a famous running course in case you would like to do some sports. The owner of the hotel – Mr. Füllenbach – is an enthusiastic runner himself and will love to share tipps with you. At the banks of the Rhine you will find also inline skaters and a lot of bikers. Bicycles can be rent at the hotel.


The way to the river and the boardwalk are part from the hiking trail „Rheinsteig“ and well signposted. So there is no excuse for a shorter or longer walk or hike. In case you do not want wo walk for a longer time or distance you can have a seat at one of the benches or try a picknick on the meadows. On the banks there are small sandy beaches and you can collect driftwood and shells. Boats and ships are passing by of each size, small canoes, rowboats with coxswain up to huge cargo ships. It will never get boring.


From Bonn-Beuel you can watch beautiful sunsets in the evening. If you walk to the centre of Beuel you can get a snack or enjoy some ice cream. One ice cream parlor was awarded and you need some time for standing in a queue. But there are also shops and stores. You can stroll around and have a look. In case you enjoy reading there is a public book shelf and you can sit on the steps and can start reading directly.


If you want to visit the centre of Bonn for a visit of a museum, you walk across the bridge or take the ferry across the Rhine. Of course you can also take the tram to reach the city centre. Or you take a trip to the surroundings like „Siebengebirge“ or Königswinter.

You don’t have to leave the hotel though. You can just stay there. Lunch you can get a the attached restaurant, which is also visited by locals. Very famous is the „Reibekuchen-Mittwoch“, which means that on Wednesdays the speciality potato fritter is on the menu. And there is a Schnitzel day. On Friday you can get fish. Also in the evening the restaurant is very popular. Then business traveler mingle with local card players. A nice mood and murmuring of different languages. The restaurant is open every day. There is no day off.


If you want to hold a meeting at the hotel or celebrate something you can do so. In the wintergreen there is a nice meeting room which can also be used for ceremonies or conferences. Also the breakfast room can be used for events and can be rearranged accordingly.


A hotel for all occasions in a very good position.

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