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How To Make Beef Olives?

At the Hotel zur Post Füllenbach they like to cook rhenish inbetween. Amongst others they serve beef olives with red cabbage and dumplings.


You need for the beef olive: Beef, bacon, onions, gherkin, mustard, salt and pepper.


Cut thin slices from the meat. Beat carefully so that the slices are flat. Cut the onions. Cut the gherkin in halves. Salt and pepper the meat Put some mustard on it Put the bacon on it Put some onions on one end Add some gherkins And roll tightly Fix with a toothpick Heat oil in a big pot Sear the beef olives Don't turn them too early. They need some colour. Like that… Cut root vegetables into peaces And add it to the beef olives Let it all roast Add some tomato purée Mix it all Deglaze with some red wine Let it cook And stew everything for about two hours

Preparation Red Cabbage

Meanwhile you can prepare the red cabbage. You need red cabbage. Cut the red cabbage in half Cut it in quarters and cut out the stem. Cut into fine slices You could also use a cabbage grate. Then you need apart from the red cabbage: Onions, apples, vinegar, red wine, sugar, salz, pepper and lingonberries. Heat some oil in a big pot and roast the onions and the red cabbage. Add bay leef. And add some cloves Add some vinegar And some sugar Mix well Deglaze with some red wine Add some water And let it all stew together for about an hour Shortly before serving add the apples Cut out the apple core Peel the apples And cut into peaces Add the peaces to the red cabbage And let them cook shortly Add some lingonberries Meanwhile the beef olives can be taken out of the pot. Keep them warm Pass the sauce through a sieve Purée the vegetables And then you can start to plate it Add the dumplings. And… Ready! We will explain another time how to make dumplings. Enjoy!

How do you make beef olives?

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