Week 95 and 96: Hotel zur Post in Bonn

For week 95 and 96 we directly stayed in Bonn.

Hotel zur Post in Bonn-Beuel is a family run hotel in the fifth generation and needed urgently new hotel photos. During the last years they have invested a lot into new rooms and meeting rooms. So there was enough to photograph to show the different type of rooms and the event rooms in different situations after the renovation. Nice, isn't it?


We have stayed in the apartment house and very much enjoyed to go to the river Rhine after the photo shoots and to collect shells. Yes, there are shells in the Rhine. We also enjoyed sunsets, visited to public book shelf and had some ice creams. It's spring time!

We also went into the kitchen of the restaurant and learned how to make potato fritter. And we documented another traditional dish: beef olives with red cabbage and dumplings.

Additionally we had a social media consultation hour and did a comprehensive evaluation of the hotel and the restaurant.

Monika bei der Beratung in Sachen Social Media im Hotel zur Post in Bonn by AchimMeurer.com .

We held a session about being a digital nomad at the ‘Webmontag Bonn‘ and we met a lot of people. Old school friends of Achim and a band colleague and a fellow student and his godchildren and our parents of course and his brother and colleagues that we have met at bar camps and my ex boss. Our week has been full of appointments and meetings. Great events. Somehow we have to get more of that also at other locations. Anybody got an idea?


I cared about my shoulders and went to see another therapist in Bonn. And then we discovered the Vinocamp in Rhine-Hesse. We are very much looking forward to it. A full weekend all about wine… We will report.

Here you can see the two weeks on twitter.

Now we have some time free of bookings and will work on some projects that are in our minds for quite  some time now and that are waiting to be put into action. But of course you can book us if you like…