Week 99 and 100: Hart bei Graz & ABCstar Linz

Ostern 2017

From Salzburg Land we travelled still feeling little bit under the weather to Hart bei Graz. Around Easter we are normally not booked so we nowadays reserve this time for visits to our family or friends or just for us.

We went again to Hart bei Graz amongst others to have our car furnitures checked by the genius Günter from Creative Service. Having been driving around for a couple of hundreds kilometers one thing or the other has warped or even got loose. This was changed or repaired and we additionally got matching wooden boxes for our shelves. The plastic ones we had bought were already broken and there are hardly fitting boxes available for our custom-fit shelf.

The weather was typical for April. From the first barbecue in the garden

to some snow flakes and icy temperatures we experienced every thing that week.

Achim was cooking for us all and some guests and it was very nice to meet old neighbors and friends and to chat for hours.

We made some consultations and tried to complete our furnishings and equipment for Matilda. We hardly worked though and so our to do list got even longer.

We received some interesting requests but unfortunately for the same time. And sadly also a cancellation. But we got quite quick a substitution and could fill the gap. Our calendar for 2017 is well filled.

After Easter we started with the ABC Star conference in Linz.

Nachtaufnahme von Linz in Österreich, HDR mit der DXOone by Array.

This is a blogger conference and it was good to see how companies can treat bloggers with respect. There was a great keynote speech and interesting work shops. We also held one and talked about our life as digital nomads.

ABCstar 2017 in Linz by Achim Meurer.

We had two lively days at Linz met old acquaintances with memories of the Almcamp. For us it was a confirmation of our decision to change our plans for 2017 and visit more bar camps and events and do more networking. A very good decision.


And now we start again with content production. Next stop is repeatedly the cuddling hotel Seewirt at lake Mattsee.

We are looking forward to it!