Week 98: Salzburg Land

From the Vinocamp we went directly to Salzburg Land. But with one stop over. Our very first night in our car: Matilda. We got a very good tipp for a restaurant along the highway A 8 and looked out for a nice place to stay overnight and to sleep. But it was very very cold that night. And we should have tried our park heating before. Anyway. Now we know more.

The next day I was ill, though. In the afternoon we had a very interesting meeting with potential business partners and afterwards we went to the hotel and I went straight away into the bed and stayed there for a whole week. Achim also got ill so that this week was a compulsory break for us. All the things that we had planned for that week had to be cancelled and out to do list got longer.

At the very last day we went to visit ‚our‘ beach. It is such a nice place.

And then we went off towards Hart bei Graz for another stopover. Easter bunny and stuff…

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