At the Luneburg Heath at Bispingen

The ‚Lüneburger Heide‘ – or Luneburg Heath. A well known landscape – like the Black Forests – and maybe it has the same problem. You would think that only senior bus groups are traveling there and that there is nothing but the moorland. Far wrong! Again.

We have been very curious about this heath landscape and were really happy to see a sign „Welcome to the Luneburg Heathland“. But… We could not see any moorland but only fields and farm land. Then suddenly we spotted a glimpse of this typical scenery. Covered with heath and in-between now and then a tree. But then it was gone again as we drove by.

Die faszinierende Natur der Lüneburgerheide bei Bispingen by .

First we went to our hotel. „Die schmucke Witwe“ – ‚The spruce widow‘. Only later on we learned about the history of this term during a guided tour. What a pity that the hotel itself does not provide the story. A lost opportunity. The widow of the pastor of the local church could live in this house until her very end and was paid by the church. Sometimes there were several women living here. What a story!

The hotel now hosts a decoration and gift shop, a café and has some rooms. In the shop you will find nice handcrafted things and souvenirs and in the café you are served homemade cakes. There are only 8 rooms, but each has its own name and sign. In the room you will find the matching poem. We stayed accordingly at the „Lüneburger Heide“.

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Fascinating Lancscape Luneburg Heath

In the afternoon we finally saw the Heathland. On the one hand it looks always the same but on the other hand it looks completely different. There are deep gorges and valleys with the typical herbs at the sides and on the ground. Or there are wide and huge flat spaces. And again there are smooth hills and waves. Again and again a tree protrudes from the heath or some bushes. Mostly birches but there are also some old and solitary trees. This is even without the flowerage a fantastic view.

Die faszinierende Natur der Lüneburgerheide bei Bispingen by .

Hiking through the Luneburg Heath

The heathland is great for hiking as you mostly walk on sandy paths. Sometimes you have to step over roots but not very often. There are wide ways where you could even drive on and small paths. The nature reserve has a good infrastructure and there are many many hiking ways or round trip routes.

Die faszinierende Natur der Lüneburgerheide bei Bispingen by .

Carriage Rides

In case you have problems with walking you hire one of the numerous coaches and have someone drive you and meanwhile you admire the sight. Some spots you can only reach by foot or by carriage like the museums village Wilsede. Cars have to stay out.

Kutschfahrt durch die Lüneburgerheide bei Bispingen by .

Grey Heat

What would the heathland be without the typical grey heat. It is very possible that you find yourself in the middle of such a herd. And those huge scraggy animals with their long wool distribute an intense calm though. And they smell great. Just step in the middle of them and enjoy. Or take a seat on one of the numerous benches and watch shepherd and dogs do their delicate work. It is stunning how these animals keep a huge flock together without much ado.

Ein Schäfer mit seiner Herde Heidschnucken bei Bispingen in der Lüneburgerheide by .

Moor at the Luneburg Heath

Another typical landscapre is the moor. We took a round trip that led us half of the time over pedestrian bridges. And also here you will be astonished how different the moor can look. Sometimes fresh and green. Then full of white blossoms from the cottongrass. Then again brown and brackish and sometimes full of dead trees that form artistic sculptures. Every couple of meters you spot another world and can’t stop looking around. Or taking pictures.

Die faszinierende Natur der Lüneburgerheide bei Bispingen by .

The Crazy House

In case you should have had enough amazement you can do something completely different and turn yourself upside down at the ‚Verrücktes Haus‘. That means ‚crazy house‘. The house is really topsy-turvy and is also a little bit inclined to one side. Inside everything is upside down. When you step in you might feel uneasy in the beginning. Our tipp: Pause for a moment and take some deep breaths. Afterwards you can plunge in and admire everything unhurriedly. And we can only recommend it. Because you will see a lot of love for the small details. So take a look around and put your head into one or the other thing.

Das Verrückte Haus, Bispingen, Lüneburgerheide by .

Creative people can think about crazy photo motives. When you do a one-eighty with the photos afterwards you can see amazing results. With a bunch of people it is even more fun, because everyone creates different ideas and you can inspire each other. We enjoyed every single minute in the house and laughed so much.

Ralf Schumacher Kart Track

If that should still not be enough for you there are more attractions around. The Ralf Schumacher kart rack, the snow dome or the ‘Iserhatsche'. And everyone should find something here. And those attractions are really not for the elderly.

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