Week 108: 60 Years Weinbergschlösschen

We accompany the hotel Weinbergschlösschen now already for several years. So we were very happy to hear that we could also document a big anniversary: 60 years Hotel Weinbergschlösschen.

As we arrived one day earlier we were able to see a lot of the preparations for the festivity. When seeing it all from an outsider’s view you do wonder how in the end all the strings come together and there is a great event.


How nice, when you can delight someone with your work. And the anniversary celebration did exactly that. It was kind of an enlargement of the kitchen party that we also have experienced once – only this time it was much bigger. More stations, fireworks, a raffle and a five tier cake. What else do you need? But the Lambrich brothers will surely make up something new next time. We hopefully will be part of it and report it.

This week it was strange that we had our spare time in the beginning and our real tasks were scheduled for the weekend. But on the other hand we could spend some time at the Rhine and could do some other things and could document much of the preparations.


The weather was great. And so it was a georgious party and we took a lot of photos. The whole story you can find here.

60 years hotel Weinbergschlösschen

For us it gets more and more clear that our decision to put some days in-between leaving and arriving for the next job was a very good idea. It is so good to get your head clear and we do feel less stressed out. And we also do feel less driven. It can go on like that.

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