Week 109 and 110: Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017

After the huge event at the Hotel Weinbergschlösschen, we had some days off and used them for meeting old acquaintances and friends.

It is amazing that, now that we are traveling all the time, we meet much more classmates, friends, family members or acquaintances. When we were settled it was very complicated to meet. We thought about a date, but then it would not be possible. Then somebody else could not make. Then something unexpected happened…

But now, we call with a very short notice when we are around and mostly it is: „Yes, please! Come and visit us!“. And we have sooooooo much to talk about. And we will sit together and have a glass or two and talk and talk and talk. It is striking how many people we have met so far. And we love it!


Then we went on to the Tannheimer Tal. We have been here before. And this time it was all about: „Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017“. Like with the skitrail we should document the event and the small things around it. And of course some nice landscapes with bikers.


During the first days there was not much to do. We even had time to visit the ‚panorama sun hat‘.

And of course a video. Because – most people do not know that the hat is turnable!


But the schedule got more and more busy. Day after day. And finally the Cycle Marathon reached its peak on Sunday. From the start to the very last driver we covered the whole day and spend some time along the route. Then we went back to the start-finish area and back to the route…




We have written here how much time and work we put into it: 

Cycle Marathon – The Story Behind The Photo

The Cycle Marathon is a great event anyway. It is all about fun. And now we are somehow in the mood for biking…

The complete story you can read here: 

Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017

We will spend another week in Europe’s most beautiful high valley – as the Tannheimer Tal is also called. Lets hope the weather will be kind to us.



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