Week 111: Tannheimer Tal After The Cycle Marathon

Ausblick vom Restaurant Zugspitzblick in Zöblen Tannheimertal, Tirol by AchimMeurer.com                     .

After the Cycle Marathon we were supposed to do much more photos. With models and at different selected places.

But weather was not playing along at all. For the time of the year and this area that was quite unusual. Cold and grey you only know from different areas. One afternoon we could do some photo shooting. But many other photo shootings had to be canceled.

We had enough to do though as the cycle marathon had produced so much material that we spent quite some time sorting it out and editing. We had to post on Facebook and twitter and had to link everything to each other. There were many further enquiries and requests. With 2000 participants it had to be expected that there would be a huge interest afterwards.

We had to go to the camping ground for washing our clothes. This is much more time consuming of course than using a washing machine in the same building. We used the time for shopping. Why not. And we did a short trip. A longer hike would have been more to our liking…

And so this week also quickly passed by.

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Some Photo impressions from this week: All Photos © DieMeurers