Week 113 and 114: Working on Projects and Wolfenbüttel

Mangold ernten im Gemüsebeet in Wolfenbüttel by AchimMeurer.com                     .

After our stay in Mülheim an der Ruhr we had some days off and used the time not for leisure but we instead used them for work. This time we worked on some other projects.

I went on with writing my book and really managed to finish the first text version. Yeah! Now I will start with proofreading and then of course I have to search for the adequate photos. Phew! That will be quite some work, too.

Achim worked on a photo calendar and on a photo book at the same time. Yes! There will be two different photo calendars in 2018 in cooperation and there will be a photo book. Details will be provided soon. The most difficult part was to select the photos. And assigning them to the respective month in the calendar. And then the job files have to be prepared as well. All these things are time consuming and we could not do them within a regular work week.

After that our official time in Wolfenbüttel started with a craft beer party. Great start! The topics this week were otherwise half-timber, gardening, half-timber, cycling, half-timber, vegetables, half-timber, cooking, half-timber, beach, half-timber and museum.

Here you can the full story about Summer Time in Wolfenbüttel

And here you will find the recipe for How to make Mangoldstrudel

You can’t avoid half-timbered houses here. We really have to start marking which houses and doors and details we already have photographed… I think some photos are double already. Okay at the doors there are different decorations: blooming flowers instead of a Christmas wreath, but otherwise… How can we memorise it?? And there is a photowalk scheduled… Luckily there is a topic fixes otherwise we would have taken pictures of the houses and doors for the third time.

We enjoyed riding our bikes in Wolfenbüttel. It is much fun. If the weather would have been a little bit more friendly we would have covered more kilometers. Here you can cycle often on side roads or in parks and against the one way direction. And there are no big inclines. Very comfortable.

In the end we could peek into the smallest house which is just being formed into a holiday flat. We are really curious how it will look in the end. But the first impressions are promising.

Now we are going for one week to Bremerhaven and after that we will be in the region again – at the Northern Harz Foreland.

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