Week 115: Bremerhaven

From Wolfenbüttel we went to Bremerhaven. The highways have been really full and there have been huge traffic jams which we avoided with a nice detour with beautiful roads and old trees and lovely villages. We could have been shortly before two o’clock at our holiday flat if there would not have been a road block some hundred meters before our accomodation.


The satnav send us around but the road block stayed in our way. When we saw some runners we knew there was a sports event. Nothing doing! We tried to call the Aparthotel but nobody answered. We tried the number on the booking confirmation and learned that we should pick up the keys for the flat at the hotel. Seriously? But how do we get to the hotel? Through a marathon? Shortly before three o’clock we arrived at the hotel got the keys and some water. But nobody there had an idea how we could get to the flat. No chance. We had to sit the marathon out. We looked for something to eat and found a pizza delivery service where we spent an hour. The very friendly hotel called to inform us as the roads have been open again. So finally we could move in. What an unnecessary waste of lifetime.
We always recommend to inform the guests directly with the booking when there is a bigger event during their stay. Then the guests can decide whether they keep the booking and if they do so they know that there may be constraints. Without previous information it might be frustrating. So it is always better to put the cards on the table. If only we had known we would have planned our travel differently. We would have started later or would have had a longer break at one of the lovely villages. In any case we would have planned our arrival for a time after the event.

Photo calender Wolfenbüttel 2018

This week bore more excitement: the press proof for our first photo calendar arrived. Two different variations. One on different paper than planned before. But the chosen paper does not work well. The colours are not brilliant enough. But the paper weight feels good. If the photos are shown well this will be a nice calendar.

Andruck Kalender Wolfenbüttel

Two days later the second press proof came. This time it was much better. The alternative paper works well and apart from two pages everything looked perfect. Great. This will be just great. The second calendar and photo book are developing. For the description of some photos we are still guessing where this could have been taken and what they show. Even natives are at odds. Maybe the gps data will bring clarity. Lets see what happens…


Bremerhaven was great. Huge wideness, much space, a lot of water, many ships and plenty of fish. Nice people, nice tweeters that have been very helpful. Weather was playing along. And we have been cycling again. A real bike; no e-bike. It is so much fun. You get quickly from here to there – depending on the route. If there are interesting photo motives we have to stop every twenty meters. But that is a different story.

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Overall it was an exciting week. And now we are off to the Northern Harz Foreland. We have been there before. But in a different season. So we are looking forward to it.



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