Houseboat for Beginners – Our Tips

As we went as complete beginners on a houseboat tour, here are some tips that might be possibly useful for you if your planning a houseboat vacation. Of course, everyone is different, but this is indeed our personal view. Read the captain’s guide Read the captain’s guide Read the captain’s guide Three times should be enough. But do it way before the trip. Don’t do it like we did and read it in the car while driving to the harbour. Because reading it once might not be enough. Though they say in the commercials that a houseboat can be used without a driver’s license this does not mean that it is also without knowledge. There is a lot of information about the houseboat, the handling and the driving. If you want to learn all that within one day it might be too much. In addition you might have had an

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Week 52: Part Two – Houseboat on the Müritz

What happened so far you can read here: Week 51: On a houseboat on the Müritz – Part 1 Part 2 Next morning we went with our skipper Rolf to Fürstenberg. The villages nearby are tiny and nice. It is really worth a stop to have a walk around. Maybe for having a coffee or doing the groceries. After that you can drive on. Or you stay at the harbour until next morning. If the harbour is too far away you can take the bike. Today on our trip there was the first self service lock. Was no problem at all. Though we had expected it. You pull a lever and everything else is announced on a display. We were lucky and did not have to wait too long. Again we had to get fresh water. Very adventurous. At the footbridge there was no hose and we had to get one

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Week 51: On a houseboat on the Müritz – Part 1

Being on a houseboat. Who does not know the pictures of nice boats in a narrow channel. The ads promise total relaxation. It looks like you are always only 2 meters away from the banks and can jump any time ashore. The boat is floating so slowly that you can walk beside and pick flowers. You glide slowly along end enjoy your vacation. Every now and then there is a bollard where you can stop and sit on the sun terrace and can read or eat or do anything. Once in a while there is a small village. You land and stroll through it over a nice market place where you can get fresh food for dinner. Or you visit the village and stop in a nice coffee place. How beautiful! So much for the theory. And our ideas of it. But it was different. First you get a lot

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