Diversity in tourism photos

Todays photos of touristic destinations do not really show the full variety of their guests. A courageous destination could show different persons in a touristic context though. Representation saves lives: Diversity pictured in photos could help people that are different from the norm to find their place in real life. First projects to show non-normative guests in tourism look promising. Who dares to start the experiment to push their destination in an innovative way? 📸🌍

Wir are looking for a destination, who dares!

For our pilot project we are looking for a destination who dares to show a huge range of diverse persons in a touristic environement. Society gets more and more open. People dare to show thier true selves in public, but still they are confronted with a lack of understanding and rejection.

Viewing habits still play a big role in life. What you do not see in photos does not exist. If more pictures would show more diversity then the encounter in real life would be much more easier. The advertisement industry already is often leading the way today. Fashionlabels are presenting different body formes, ethnic grouops and ages. Campaigns are queer but often they are provoking. 

We want to capture common touristic scenarios.

A family at the beach, a couple in a restaurant, in their deck chairs at the pool. Hiking or biking. And so on. But there will be a twist: Families have two mothers or two fathers. A person in a wheelchair in a restaurant. A trans person in a deck chair. A stoma wearer in the pool.

Representation saves lives!

According to this motto we want to help that people which are different in any way from standardized norms will find their place in life through their place in a photo. What we often have seen before will not scare us any more. And the persons that are not normativ, will recognize themselves in the pictures and will dare to show themselves. And they do not need to hide anymore.

Numbers talk

In 2024 36 % of the generation Z are queer. 

Those are changes in the society amongst others that cannot be overseen any more.

First projects try out displays of non normative guests and look promising.

Who wants to push ahead their
destination in an innovative way?

Who is interested in testing out, how this could look like in their destination?

Who dares to experiment to show as many different personalities as possible?

Mo-Portrait-2000 by AchimMeurer.com.

Monika Meurer

A natural curiosity and a passion for writing, sorting and preservation is a common pattern in her professional career. This shows especially when detecting for hidden gems in destinations, analysing the offers or researching special topis. No single letter stays unread. With her effervescent phantasy all her findings and insights are linked together in a new way and have created a lot of succesful stories are products so far.

Anna Meurer

From her internship as photographer via a student of the Rhein-Sieg-Academy back to being a photographer. The original passion won over in the end. She is an expert for authentic photography with surprising perspectives in the tourism industry. The old love for black and white photography is for more than thirty years a constant companion.

Together Monika & Anna are „DieMeurers“.

An unbeatable combination of photos, letters and ideas.

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