Week 15: Culture, Music and Action

Our time here at the Black Forest draws to a close. Last week was a grand final with high culture but also some action.

First we moved again. From one amazing view to another: Holiday flat at Haus Sieglinde. We had the huge roof-top apartment and with it a beautiful panoramic view. The house lies also right next to the forest and hiking trails. So there was no argument against early morning exercise…

We soon tried to do the second part of the trail in the valley of the hammers. The way is really nice and the church ‚Michaelskirche‘ is a must see. It is quite unusual with the woven wood ceiling and its octagonal form. Just beautiful! And we have seen the log flume. Last time we simply walked past it…

At the end of the round tour we had again some problems with the signs. In the description the way would lead to the ‚Fischerhütte‘. The signs sent us first on a big loop through the ‚Jägerloch‘. We skipped that loop. Anyway. The trail is very nice and diversified with small paths and a georgeous view to Freudenstadt.


Hohenzollern Castle we have left for this week. And we planned a whole day for it. And you need that time. You have to get there and walking up takes another 25 minutes. And if you don’t want to rush through the castle and want to view everything you do need a couple of hours. But it’s worth the visit! The castle is a real statement!

Here is our story about Hohenzollern Castle with all the pictures: The Meurers at the Hohenzollern Castle 


At the castle we got a useful tipp! Here’s the story: At the castle there are once in a while concerts at the Grafensaal for the princess Kira foundation. We asked whether Ritchie Blackmore had played a concert there yet. „Who is Ritchie Blackmore?“ „The former guitar player from Deep Purple.“ „Ah Deep Purple! They will play at Sigmaringen on saturday.“ What a coincidence!! Good that we talked! So we really went to the nice and cosy festival in Sigmaringen…

But first things first. After the visit at Hohenzollern Castle for us it was action! One day at the Mehliskopf  was on the agenda. Toboggan run, downhill cart and climbing park. All these things we haven’t done at all yet or for imaginery hundred years. Therefore we went there with mixed emotions.


We had great support with voluntary models and from the team of the Mehliskopf. At the toboggan run we went round and round and stayed seated after arrival, to be pulled up again. Sometimes we regrettably had to brake because the photographer had asked for it. But it was fun anyway!


Downhill was much wilder. And more exhausting. I only did one round because we had to go without our sunglasses for the pictures. But the blown up dust and sand is not for people wearing hard contact lenses. Pro-Tipp: Do wear protection glasses!


After a short lunch break we reached the peak of looking beyond  one’s own nose: The climbing park. That was a huge challenge and for some of us it was the first time. I only did one parcour but would do it in any case again. Now that I know that I can stand it. But the emotions were high at the first time. And we have seen solid men hyperventilate. Of course every body part hurt the next day. Doesn’t matter! It was great!


Here you find the full report with all the photos about our day full of action at the Mehliskopf: Toboggan Run, Downhill Carts and Climbing Park 

And with all these sore muscles we tried to catch the ‚Panoramabähnle‘ – an old-timer bus – in motion. Good thing, that it goes so unhasty that you can overtake it and wait for it at the next corner…


Then there was the fire-acrobatics-show ‚Flammandra‘ in Freudenstadt, where dancers, acrobats, fire jugglers and musicians offered a full-length show at the colorful illuminated spa gardens. They were accompanied by impressive pyrotechnics in the rhythm of the music and the performances.

Flammandra Freudenstadt Flammandra Freudenstadt Flammandra Freudenstadt

Finally we were in Sigmaringen at the Summer Nights Festival and saw Alan Parson’s Project live. And Deep Purple! That was a nice and familial festival and a great show with a good sound and legendary music!

Here the story with lots of photos: Deep Purple live at the Summer Nights Festival in Sigmaringen 


Phew! Now we have to process the shedload of material…

So stay tuned. By and by photos and reports will appear here!

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