Week 62 and Parts of Week 63


Week 62 and half of week 63 we spent at the ‚Ruhrpott‘. First we did not know what to do there. But then we left without seeing so many things which we would have loved to see. But what we saw was just great.

"Tiger & Turtle" - Kunstwerk auf der Halde in Duisburg im Ruhrgebiet Bottrop - Kunstwerk "Tetraeder" auf der Halde Radfahren im Ruhrgebiet, auf der alten Erzbahn Der Skywalk durch den alten Hochofen Phoenix in Dortmund Ruhrgebiet Stadtansichten Dortmund Kreuzviertel Ruhrgebiet

These pieces of art and sculptures on the old mining waste tips, these creative urban quarters called ‚Kiez‘ and this fascinating industrial culture. Brilliant! We really enjoyed it. Everything was wide and nice and lovely and we would love to come back.

Stadtansichten Dortmund Kreuzviertel Ruhrgebiet Der Skywalk durch den alten Hochofen Phoenix in Dortmund Ruhrgebiet Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg im Ruhrgebiet Seaside Beach Baldeney in Essen im Ruhrgebiet Essener Viertel Rüttenscheid, Stadtansichten Ruhrgebiet

After that we had a two day break – if you can call that a break at all.

We went to a garage with our car hoping that they could repair it while we are in Portugal. But it is not that easy. The part that might be broken is a part that had been exchanged two years ago together with some other parts. That had cost us more than 2000 Euros. On the other hand just looking what is broken will cost already 600 Euros because the gear box has to be removed. The problem occurred of course a couple of days after the expiring of the guarantee. The car had been repaired in Austria where we have lived at that time. The VW garage in Germany does not want to share part of the costs. So we just leave it like that. Because it would not make any sense to invest into such an old car. But that also means that sooner or later we need a new waltzing vehicle… But more about that later.

Apart from that we spent quite some time on bureaucracy again. That will never change. We more and more become digital nomads though we aren’t any technically speaking. But some things are the same. And so these two days were full of meetings, phone calls, questions to authorities and civil services and internet research. You know that… In no time some hours are gone.

But now we are looking forward to our trip to Portugal. We have been to Madeira and the Azores already. And now it will be the mainland.

Doch jetzt freuen wir uns auf Portugal. Madeira und Azoren haben wir ja schon besucht. Jetzt ist das Festland dran.