Bio-Käse vom Fürstenhof in Kuchl

Make your own cheese

Quite often we are asked what we will do after finishing waltzing… Maybe we want to make cheese??!!?? Several times we have watched and documented how cheese is made. But we only could watch. At the Fürstenhof in Kuchl in Salzburg Land this is different. Here you can make your own cheese. There you can join a cheese workshop. We had to try that!! At the show cheese dairy you find everything you need for producing cheese. Everything is a small model – also the copper cauldron. You get an instruction in writing and all the tools like thermometer, ladle, sieve, matches… Everything is waiting for you. You need raw milk. Every participant gets around 3 l. Some butter milk is added to acidify the milk a little bit. Just a shot glas full. After that the milk is warmed to 39 C. Therefore you need the matches and the thermometer.

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One day in the kitchen of the Weinberg-Schlösschen

The Hotel Weinberg-Schlösschen at Oberheimbach sets great store by culinary arts. Here everything is handmade. We were allowed to spend a whole day in the kitchen and watch how the super team of Marc Lambrich works. From the delivery of the goods to the preparation to the arranging before serving – we saw everything. Have fun looking at the photos! You’d better read this blog post postprandial. Otherwise you might get hungry.

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Saalachtaler Schmankerln

We are definitely interested also in culinary arts and therefore looked for yummy things in the Saalachtal (Saalach valley). And here are one or the other delicacies waiting to be discovered… Probably you get those also in other regions but everyone has his or her own receipt and the term will be different. Kaspressknödel & Kaiserschmarrn On different menus we came across some dishes that we did not know so far. But there were also some well known like Kaspressknödel (a dumpling with cheese) or Kaiserschmarrn (a torn pancake). But nothing tastes better than handmade stuff if possible on a wood-fired oven on an alpine hut after a long hike. Mmmmmmmmm…. Yummy…. Pinzgauer Bladln Bladln were new to us. We could try them from Helga at the Hundsfußalm. They are mostly made from rye flour or rye and wheat flour. And you get them filled or unfilled. They are filmy.

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Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

We went to a Black Forest Cake baking class

We headed for learning the very fine art of baking a black forest cake. At the ‘Cafe am Eck’ in Baiersbronn we learned everything about the cake from master confectioner Georg Klumpp. We were for once allowed to be also present at the preparations the day before and therefore had the chance to experience the making of a black forest cake from the very beginning. It was incredibly interesting to be able to view the process how such a cake is produced. It is very warm in the bakehouse and there are machines that make some noise. And you also have to lift one or the other kilo… So it is not an easy job. We were allowed to try the separate steps ourselves. And many things are not that easy like making a piping bag out of parchment paper so that it has a very fine point and does

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Rauchkuchl: When culinary arts meet a rustic fireplace

You have to go to the Rauchkuchl they said. It’s an event. Okay!  So we went to Stuhlfelden. A nice little village with a small castle. (now a school) Beautiful. And there was a rustic old wooden house. Maybe it is Schwaigerlehen. No sign. No information. We parked our car anyway. A very old wooden door. A sign: 500 years organic farm. Thats it. We went in and heard a strong voice: “Oh hallo!” A firm handshake. A stern look. Resi knows what she wants: “What do we say? ” “Monika and Achim” “Well Achim, close that door I do not want to heat in vain!” Bam! Resi is special. She looks very thoroughly for a producer for her food. Apart from that what she has herself in her garden or in the woods. And it is not a question of a certificate or standard. She looks at the personality. And if the

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Hollersbach herbs herbal garden national parc Hohe Tauern

The herb woman from Hollersbach – the ‚Hollerhexe‘

We met Andrea for a tour through the herbal garden in Hollersbach. Andrea has a farm on her own and knows nearly everything about herbs and plants. We were very heartly welcome and Andrea showed us around and knew a story about nearly every herb. We chewed sage for detox. Hmmmmmm… But do not swallow! And lemon thyme! We smelled lemon thyme. Andrea uses it to make peace between her children when they have a fight with each other. She sends them to the garden to smell lemon thyme. When you smell it you know why… We saw comfrey and lady’s mantle and lemon balm. We smelled and chewed and tasted. And we learned how to pick nettles without pain. I can hardly repeat all the stories and anecdotes that Andrea told us. It was a very interesting tour with lots of stories and we had so much fun. And our tour with

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