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Alte Holzbrücke Bad Säckingen

Hotel St. Fridolin – really different

We are on the road again. Finally! There was already something missing. But we have to admit that October and November have been quite rough for us. Though the days with our friends were really nice, they have been too short for us to revive. Achim is recovering slowly from his stay in hospital which had some aftereffects though it lasted only two nights. We started with the hotel St. Fridolin in Bad Säckingen, which is at the Swiss border. You look towards Switzerland from the hotel and also to the river Rhine. We had a huge apartment, which was also barrier-free. It was very comfortable for us to have so much space for our stuff. Apart from that we really enjoyed our stay at this special hotel. The hotel is integrative which means that half of the employees is different. Really different! As the hotel puts it. The slogan fits: Breakfast is

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