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Stadtansichten von Bremerhaven by Array.

Bremerhaven – Water, Ships and Fish

One thing struck us at our first discovery tour: Bremerhaven has much space. All streets and places are wide and vast and nothing is really narrow. Between the houses there is much space and you can always see far. You are always near to water. It looks quite strange when a car seems to drive over the water because the street is very near to the basin. Or when behind houses loading cranes are peeking out. The connection to shipping and fishing is omnipresent. City and Pedestrian Zone But also the city and the pedestrian zone are wide and vast. Inbetween is much space. Always something historical. An old industrial memorial. Or an old house. Right beside, but subtle connected there is something new. It is so much fun to look around here. Behind every corner there is something to admire. Like the university for applied science which is right

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Stadtansichten von Bremerhaven by Achim Meurer.

Week 115: Bremerhaven

From Wolfenbüttel we went to Bremerhaven. The highways have been really full and there have been huge traffic jams which we avoided with a nice detour with beautiful roads and old trees and lovely villages. We could have been shortly before two o’clock at our holiday flat if there would not have been a road block some hundred meters before our accomodation. https://twitter.com/DieMeurers/status/894177581968355329 The satnav send us around but the road block stayed in our way. When we saw some runners we knew there was a sports event. Nothing doing! We tried to call the Aparthotel but nobody answered. We tried the number on the booking confirmation and learned that we should pick up the keys for the flat at the hotel. Seriously? But how do we get to the hotel? Through a marathon? Shortly before three o’clock we arrived at the hotel got the keys and some water. But

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