Fahrradtour Mülheim - Kettwig - Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Ruhrgebiet, NRW by                     .

Week 112: Mülheim An Der Ruhr

For traveling from the Tannheimer Tal to Mülheim we had two days. Very good. As for the weekend massive traffic had been forecasted because of the start of the summer holidays in some federal states. Nevertheless we got through very well and went quite far. Towards our old home. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant and looked for a nice sleeping place. We stopped for a short visit and went on towards Mülheim. We checked in to our holiday flat around noon. Well there have been some surprises. But I need some material for my book… In the afternoon we had our first meeting with our customer. Everything was well prepared – thanks to our checklist. Something new was a first discovery tour right after the meeting. Maybe we should  include this into our list. While driving around we could exclude a lot of fotopoints from our

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Impressionen aus Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Ruhrgebiet , NRW by Achim Meurer.

Mülheim An Der Ruhr – Or A Collection Of Gems

Mülheim an der Ruhr; a part from the Ruhr area or somehow not really. Not anyway from the Ruhr area that is still in the head of the people. The dark, dirty, loud Ruhr area. Mülheim was one of the first towns that started with transformation. Towards green. But not only green but also comfortable and quiet. There are huge parks with old trees and beautiful alleys. But also wide meadows. Sometimes you can find sculptures or a rose garden with fountains. For the children there are playgrounds and everything is actively used. Also the Ruhr islands are green and the Ruhr promenade. Everywhere green. Lush green. Sometimes the watersides are overgrown so that you can hardly see the river. But then it blinks between the bushes and you can watch it flow slowly. We rented bicycles and went on one side of the Ruhr towards Essen Kettwig. We struggle

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Hotel Pfeffermühle in Siegen by Array.

Week 107: Hotel Pfeffermühle in Siegen

We already stayed at the Hotel Pfeffermühle last year during our tour through Northrhine-Westfalia. As the hotel has changed some things and is working on a new website it was time for new and professional photos. Some room categories had to be photographed but also the meeting rooms and the rooms for festivities. Though our pdf-document about preparing for the photo-shoot mostly is not read or if it is read the things that are listed there are disregarded everything worked out fine this time. Thanks to perfect preparations photo shoots could begin right away and decisions could be taken and arrangements made. So there still was some time for some culinary photos. The ice cream here is home made as well as the pasta and even the salmon is smoked here. For myself there was not much to do here as a twitter live report about a hotel photo shoot

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Unser neues Walzmobil: Matilda - Ford Transit Custom by Array.

Week 97: Old Home and Vinocamp

Right after Hotel zur Post in Bonn-Beuel we stayed a while at the area because we had no further booking. As I broke of a small part of a tooth we first went to see a dentist. Of course on Mondays you don’t get an appointment but two days later I got two brand new fillings. But one thing after the other: Matilda First we took some nice photos from Matilda – our waltzing vehicle – in Büllesfeld. We also made the pictures from Petervan there.   MEETCologne We have also been to a very interesting event: MEETCologne. A lot of convention organizers and event hosts were present and we met some people again that we knew from other events. We learned a lot about some regions. There were quite new things and surprising information. We also took many ideas, contacts and small presents with us. It has been a very

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Week 95 and 96: Hotel zur Post in Bonn

For week 95 and 96 we directly stayed in Bonn. Hotel zur Post in Bonn-Beuel is a family run hotel in the fifth generation and needed urgently new hotel photos. During the last years they have invested a lot into new rooms and meeting rooms. So there was enough to photograph to show the different type of rooms and the event rooms in different situations after the renovation. Nice, isn’t it?   We have stayed in the apartment house and very much enjoyed to go to the river Rhine after the photo shoots and to collect shells. Yes, there are shells in the Rhine. We also enjoyed sunsets, visited to public book shelf and had some ice creams. It’s spring time! We also went into the kitchen of the restaurant and learned how to make potato fritter. And we documented another traditional dish: beef olives with red cabbage and dumplings.

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Wie macht man eine rheinische Rinderroulade? by                     .

How To Make Beef Olives?

At the Hotel zur Post Füllenbach they like to cook rhenish inbetween. Amongst others they serve beef olives with red cabbage and dumplings. Ingrediences You need for the beef olive: Beef, bacon, onions, gherkin, mustard, salt and pepper. Preparation Cut thin slices from the meat. Beat carefully so that the slices are flat. Cut the onions. Cut the gherkin in halves. Salt and pepper the meat Put some mustard on it Put the bacon on it Put some onions on one end Add some gherkins And roll tightly Fix with a toothpick Heat oil in a big pot Sear the beef olives Don’t turn them too early. They need some colour. Like that… Cut root vegetables into peaces And add it to the beef olives Let it all roast Add some tomato purée Mix it all Deglaze with some red wine Let it cook And stew everything for about two hours Preparation Red

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Wie macht man Reibekuchen? Typisch rheinische Küche by                     .

How to make a potato fritter?

We have been at the Hotel zur Post Füllenbach in Bonn-Beuel  to the kitchen and had a look how to make Rhenish potato fritter. Ingrediences You need: potatoes, eggs, onions, salt, pepper and here at the Hotel zur Post they also use oat flakes. They are supposed to make the fritter more crispy. Preparation Peel the potatoes Grate them You can also use a kitchen machine. Add the eggs Mix thoroughly. Does not have to be by hand. Add the oat flakes Mix again Heat some oil in a pan. And add a spoon full of dough. There should be three in a pan. The fritters should swim in the oil Turn them once in a while Until they are nice and crispy Let them dry on a piece of paper towel Serve with apple sauce. And enjoy! How do you prefer your potato fritters? Tell us about your preferred choice and

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Die Zimmer im Hotel zur Post in Bonn by Array.

Hotel zur Post Füllenbach in Bonn-Beuel

The owner run Hotel zur Post is in the middle of the Küdinghoven in the part Beuel of Bonn. It is not in the city center, but has still a good position. The tram stops only a few steps away and will bring you to the stations or directly into the center of Bonn. Also the highway is near. And there are is a big company in walking distance. Another huge company can be reached in a couple of minutes. Even the trade fair Cologne can be reached easily from here. These are all good reasons why the hotel is liked by business travelers. But there is more.   There are over 70 rooms for each taste. There are these old rooms with handpainted rustic furniture and a special flair. Some lie very romantic under the roof top with timbers and some with huge panoramic windows and view to the

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Der Weihnachtsmarkt in Recklinghausen by @ Achim Meurer.

Week 77 and 78

Our 77th week lead us again to the Ruhr area. This time everything was – according to the season – about Christmas markets. So we spent nearly every day around the blue hour at one of the many many Christmas markets and had a look around what was offered. There were a historical market, mother Hulda shaking her pillow, the biggest Christmas Tree and a romantic net of lights. Additionally there were numerous booths full of interesting things and of course something to eat and drink. As supposed for a real Christmas Market… Here you can find our report: Christmas Markets in the Ruhr Area     But we have also been at the Ruhr wetlands. Early in the morning with a very nice light and mood at the outdoors.   And we have been ice skating at a very special an unusual place. At the old coke oven plant at

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Weihnachtsmarkt in Dortmund im Ruhrgebiet by                     .

Christmas Markets in the Ruhr Area

How about strolling over a Christmasmarket in nice warm clothes, looking for new ideas for gifts and having a hot drink in-between to warm up? We went around the different markets in the Ruhr area. Every one is different. Each one has its own specialities. But they are all nice and interesting. Hattingen The first Christmasmarket on our list was the nostalgic market in Hattingen. Already on our way to it we were lead by historic signs and passed by the house from mother Hulda. This house is also an Advent calendar. And mother Hulda herself opens a door each day and at the same time shakes her pillow. There might drop a gold taler or two. Behind her house the historic market begins at the church square, surrounded by half timbered houses. There are only a few booths, but there is a DIY corner, where children can bake cookies.

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