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Diary, northrhine-westfalia
For traveling from the Tannheimer Tal to Mülheim we had two days. Very good. As for the weekend massive traffic had been forecasted because of the start of the summer holidays in some federal states. Nevertheless we got through very well and went quite far. Towards our old home. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant and looked for a nice sleeping place. We stopped for a short visit and went on towards Mülheim. We checked in to our holiday flat around noon. Well there have been some surprises. But I need some material for my book… In the afternoon we had our first meeting with our customer. Everything was well prepared – thanks to our checklist. Something new was a first discovery tour right after the meeting. Maybe we should  include this into our list. While driving around we could exclude a lot of fotopoints from our list because building were scaffolded or not accessible or not in a visually good shape etc. There were many reasons. For all those motives that were taken into consideration we could fix the time for the foot shooting. But we learned. We really have to leave the car and have a look at the location. Then we could have saved one or two tours. But at the end of the day we saved a lot of time with this tour. We will surely try that again.   We have been very good cared for with a b that reacted very quickly and offered right away support and solutions. Though all the cooperation partners had been informed before there are still some overeager members of the staff that need to see a written allowance. Sometimes we really have something in writing though with us. This time we did not have something in writing. But we got it cleared pretty soon. Very spontaneous activities were possible like: „Can we please go on top of the guild hall tower tomorrow evening?“ Thanks to the whole team, that mad things quickly and very flexibly possible and engaging. Very difficult were – like always – motives with people. Those photos are legally always challenging and we prefer to work with models and according contracts. But those photos are often wished.   We had a very interesting appointment with the local press and we got a very nice article afterwards. Mit leichtem Gepäck durch die Welt” lIt was striking how well twitter works in Mülheim. We got invitations through twitter, information and as mentioned, the local press learned about us on twitter. That was real fun. Please more of this in the future! By the way the hashtag is: #MHruhr Our holiday flat had a washing machine included. We love to take advantage of that and wash as much as possible. Achim did some cooking after the necessary equipment for that had been delivered. And so it was a very nice week with no bigger highs and lows or any catastrophes.

Our Week in Mülheim:

Mülheim – A Collection Of Gems Our Live Twitter Report from Mülheim

The Week in Numbers:

  • 1044 Photos taken
  • 362 photos delivered
  • 142 tweets
  • 989 words in the Blogpost
  • 8 hours overwork
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Mülheim an der Ruhr; a part from the Ruhr area or somehow not really. Not anyway from the Ruhr area that is still in the head of the people. The dark, dirty, loud Ruhr area. Mülheim was one of the first towns that started with transformation. Towards green. But not only green but also comfortable and quiet. There are huge parks with old trees and beautiful alleys. But also wide meadows. Sometimes you can find sculptures or a rose garden with fountains. For the children there are playgrounds and everything is actively used. Also the Ruhr islands are green and the Ruhr promenade. Everywhere green. Lush green. Sometimes the watersides are overgrown so that you can hardly see the river. But then it blinks between the bushes and you can watch it flow slowly.   We rented bicycles and went on one side of the Ruhr towards Essen Kettwig. We struggle a bit with the cycle lance system inside the town. But soon we left the traffic behind and were in the country. Yes exactly. Really in the country.   Right after the streets in town we went along the promenade, passed the water station (Wasserbahnhof). At the weir we went a little bit along the road and through a green gate on the towpath (Leinpfad). An old path where horsed dragged the ships along the river. Today it is used by pedestrians, bikers or walkers which enjoy the beautiful nature. Not in the affluent suburbs but outer areas with tiny villages, big farms, estates, huge stables and many fields. Only the motorway bridge reminds you of the Ruhr area.   Cylce lanes lead well signed through the Ruhr floodplains or right beside the river. Now and then there is a rest stop. The villages are small and straightforward. There is a church and a grave yard. Maybe café, some cozy camping grounds, a hotel, a lot of half timbered houses and a few pieces of art and sculptures. Again and again we had to stop to admire the view. And of course to take photos. But we were still quite fast at the old town of Essen Kettwig. Really pittoresque. Times seems to stand still here. Half timbered houses everywhere. Old handcrafted doors. Cobblestones. A duck pond full of common waterlens. Two coots are swimming in it. The tour around the old town does not take long. Maybe a cup of coffee – or a bite in one of the restaurants with terraces with a view. And then you can go slowly back. Everything cozy. Everything slow.   In case you don’t want to walk or go by bike you can take the boat. The ships of the ‚white fleet‘ (Weiße Flotte) also float unhurriedly. In Kettwig they turn around and go back to the water station.   Everything is straightforward. Everything is slow. Nobody hurries, nobody honks impatiently. Everybody has time for a chat. People are helpful. When there we had a problem with one of our rented bikes we stopped and asked two men in their gardens for a tool. Both went into their garage or workshop and one of them came back with a screw-wrench. After the screw has long been tightened we still were standing at his front garden chatting. No stress! The Ruhr also flows very slowly after all. Mülheim has no big sensations. No „world’s first X“ or „Germanys longest Y“ or „Europes most beautiful Z“. Nothing. Nothing at all. And maybe that is the reason that it does not need to be blatant. Mülheim is the town of gems. Those can be discovered individually. By strolling around the city. All shops are located in a mall though. But there are nice cozy cafés outside under rows of trees. Streets and places are wide and after six in the afternoon you can use your bike also within the pedestrian zone. No stress!   As a visitor you don’t have to worry that you might have missed something great. There is no list of points of interest, that you have to see, no attractions, that cost so much that you would need one of those guest cards that grant you free entrance or a deduction. The real gems are free anyway. Like walk along the Ruhr promenade. Sit on a bench for a while and admire the water lilies. Watch the geese or one or the other artist that are sitting on benches. Have a look over their shoulders and admire their pieces of art. Sit on the steps of the city harbor and watch the sunset. Or watch others ride a pedal boat. Admire the water fountain in front of the town hall and watch how it changes with the wind. Sit at the water side and watch the swans swim by. Try your luck with fishing. Have a picknick. Sit on a bench and have a chat.   Go to the castle „Schloss Broich“ and have a rest in the park. The kids are playing. The teenagers brought a ball or some other sport equipment. In the evening there glow LED lamps instead of bonfires.   And even major events like the ‚KULI-Treff‘ (culinary art event) or a concert in a park or at the open air theater do not cause any stress. No traffic jam. No human masses that block your way. No special trains or busses or trams. No riding around the block five times to find a parking spot. No stress!   In Mülheim riding a car is nice. There are no traffic jams. You will always find a parking place and it is cheap. We left our car for example at the Delle. With a parking attendant who hands out the ticket and collects the money when you are leaving. Here we paid one Euro for one hour. After six o’clock in the afternoon you can mostly park for free. You do not have to search long and in many streets there are free parking places.   But you can also walk a lot in Mülheim. The most beautiful spots can be reached within walking distance. From the train station to the water station or to the city harbor, to the museum or in a park, to the town hall or to the castle ‚Schloss Broich‘. No big distances. In the evening it gets quickly quiet. Many cafés and restaurants close early. People disappear in their houses. Places and streets are empty. No nightlife district, no parties or events. Nothing to miss out on. Only many many things to discover and to sense. Mülheim. Alle Fotos © DieMeurers

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We already stayed at the Hotel Pfeffermühle last year during our tour through Northrhine-Westfalia. As the hotel has changed some things and is working on a new website it was time for new and professional photos. Some room categories had to be photographed but also the meeting rooms and the rooms for festivities. Though our pdf-document about preparing for the photo-shoot mostly is not read or if it is read the things that are listed there are disregarded everything worked out fine this time. Thanks to perfect preparations photo shoots could begin right away and decisions could be taken and arrangements made. So there still was some time for some culinary photos. The ice cream here is home made as well as the pasta and even the salmon is smoked here. For myself there was not much to do here as a twitter live report about a hotel photo shoot for about a week gets a bit boring after one day. And a blogpost was not asked for. So I could do some other things that had to be done and can be called office work. Like scanning business cards and file contacts from trade shows. And I had to clear some bureaucratic questions. Only the feed back records with photo documentations about the hotel had to be done. It is always the small things that stand out. Wait for my book! But there was also a moment of shock. During a thunder storm a lightning struck the building. It was very loud. Fortunately our equipment did not suffer. Only the WIFI was gone for one day. Which is bad for us but good, that nothing more has happened. I sent out some thing via mail and so we had a spontaneous meeting with Gerlinde who found the name for our car ‚Matilda‘. Gerlinde just was in Siegen when her husband received our package at home. So she dropped by and we used the chance and baptized Matilda in the right way. Spontaneous ideas are mostly the best.
Taufe Matilda

Heute war es dann endlich soweit – wir haben Matilda getauft. Zusammen mit der Namensgeberin Gerlinde haben wir sie mit einem Piccolo getauft. Möge sie uns lange begleiten 🚗

Posted by DieMeurers on Samstag, 17. Juni 2017
  Until our next task at the hotel Weinbergsschlösschen we had two free days. So we decided to visit my parents and also to test the great place for mobile homes at the BurgStadtHotel. Now that we have nearly a mobile home. The camping ground still feels really good. In the evening it is totally quiet there. And we heard that soon there will be something new at the Hotel. Stay tuned!   There also was time for a spontaneous meet up with Anja Wendling. Unfortunately we had to shorten our stay in Kastellaun as Achim had scheduled a webinar . But the wifi was not stable enough. So we went earlier to the Weinbergschlösschen. What a week!   All photos © DieMeurers, Achim Meurer  

Diary, northrhine-westfalia
Right after Hotel zur Post in Bonn-Beuel we stayed a while at the area because we had no further booking. As I broke of a small part of a tooth we first went to see a dentist. Of course on Mondays you don't get an appointment but two days later I got two brand new fillings. But one thing after the other:


First we took some nice photos from Matilda – our waltzing vehicle – in Büllesfeld. We also made the pictures from Petervan there.  


We have also been to a very interesting event: MEETCologne. A lot of convention organizers and event hosts were present and we met some people again that we knew from other events. We learned a lot about some regions. There were quite new things and surprising information. We also took many ideas, contacts and small presents with us. It has been a very nice evening in a beautiful sourrounding and the food was good, too.

LAC Labs

We also took some photos of a new product from an old school friend of Achim: Tobi Hoff from LAC Labs. Dann haben wir noch für einen alten Schulkollegen von Achim, Tobi Hoff von LAC Labs . We had so much fun. Unfortunately there is no video from the making of especially from the part where it came to ‘making rain'. You would lough your head off. It was wet and fun anyway. But the results are presentable, right?   We visited again our parents and then we travelled towards the Vinocamp.

For week 95 and 96 we directly stayed in Bonn. Hotel zur Post in Bonn-Beuel is a family run hotel in the fifth generation and needed urgently new hotel photos. During the last years they have invested a lot into new rooms and meeting rooms. So there was enough to photograph to show the different type of rooms and the event rooms in different situations after the renovation. Nice, isn't it?   We have stayed in the apartment house and very much enjoyed to go to the river Rhine after the photo shoots and to collect shells. Yes, there are shells in the Rhine. We also enjoyed sunsets, visited to public book shelf and had some ice creams. It's spring time! We also went into the kitchen of the restaurant and learned how to make potato fritter. And we documented another traditional dish: beef olives with red cabbage and dumplings. Additionally we had a social media consultation hour and did a comprehensive evaluation of the hotel and the restaurant. We held a session about being a digital nomad at the ‘Webmontag Bonn‘ and we met a lot of people. Old school friends of Achim and a band colleague and a fellow student and his godchildren and our parents of course and his brother and colleagues that we have met at bar camps and my ex boss. Our week has been full of appointments and meetings. Great events. Somehow we have to get more of that also at other locations. Anybody got an idea? I cared about my shoulders and went to see another therapist in Bonn. And then we discovered the Vinocamp in Rhine-Hesse. We are very much looking forward to it. A full weekend all about wine… We will report. Here you can see the two weeks on twitter. Now we have some time free of bookings and will work on some projects that are in our minds for quite  some time now and that are waiting to be put into action. But of course you can book us if you like…      

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At the Hotel zur Post Füllenbach they like to cook rhenish inbetween. Amongst others they serve beef olives with red cabbage and dumplings.


You need for the beef olive: Beef, bacon, onions, gherkin, mustard, salt and pepper.


Cut thin slices from the meat. Beat carefully so that the slices are flat. Cut the onions. Cut the gherkin in halves. Salt and pepper the meat Put some mustard on it Put the bacon on it Put some onions on one end Add some gherkins And roll tightly Fix with a toothpick Heat oil in a big pot Sear the beef olives Don't turn them too early. They need some colour. Like that… Cut root vegetables into peaces And add it to the beef olives Let it all roast Add some tomato purée Mix it all Deglaze with some red wine Let it cook And stew everything for about two hours

Preparation Red Cabbage

Meanwhile you can prepare the red cabbage. You need red cabbage. Cut the red cabbage in half Cut it in quarters and cut out the stem. Cut into fine slices You could also use a cabbage grate. Then you need apart from the red cabbage: Onions, apples, vinegar, red wine, sugar, salz, pepper and lingonberries. Heat some oil in a big pot and roast the onions and the red cabbage. Add bay leef. And add some cloves Add some vinegar And some sugar Mix well Deglaze with some red wine Add some water And let it all stew together for about an hour Shortly before serving add the apples Cut out the apple core Peel the apples And cut into peaces Add the peaces to the red cabbage And let them cook shortly Add some lingonberries Meanwhile the beef olives can be taken out of the pot. Keep them warm Pass the sauce through a sieve Purée the vegetables And then you can start to plate it Add the dumplings. And… Ready! We will explain another time how to make dumplings. Enjoy!

How do you make beef olives?

Write your variation as a comment. We are looking forward to it.