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Week 109 and 110: Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017

After the huge event at the Hotel Weinbergschlösschen, we had some days off and used them for meeting old acquaintances and friends. It is amazing that, now that we are traveling all the time, we meet much more classmates, friends, family members or acquaintances. When we were settled it was very complicated to meet. We thought about a date, but then it would not be possible. Then somebody else could not make. Then something unexpected happened… But now, we call with a very short notice when we are around and mostly it is: „Yes, please! Come and visit us!“. And we have sooooooo much to talk about. And we will sit together and have a glass or two and talk and talk and talk. It is striking how many people we have met so far. And we love it! Then we went on to the Tannheimer Tal. We have

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Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017

The Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017 lies behind us and though we have not been active participants the whole week was fun. I say the whole week because we have been their earlier for the preparations and for the racing bike week. The Cycle Marathon on Sundays is the highlight of the events. The Racing Bike Week It all starts on Monday afternoon with the first rides out. Those are meant for getting to know the different s and check out your performance „Will I manage?“. To benefit all there are up to five different rides out with different levels of difficulty. Those range from easy trips affectionately called „Cappuccino Round“ up to challenging pass tours. The Cappuccino round ist according to Marcel Wüst „for all those that regard a bicycle as a means of transport instead of a sports equipment“. Those trips are lead by well known and famous

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4 Jahreszeiten im Tannheimer Tal

Year Round Holiday at Tannheimer Tal

We have been for the fourth time at the Tannheimer valley. One time in each season. But it never gets boring. The whole year round there is so much offered and there is also a lot going on the whole year. Lets start with the winter time. Of course it is all about snow and all connected activities like skiing, cross country skiing as well as ski tours and snow shoe hiking. Whether pure beginner or professional here you will find enough to choose of. But besides there is also a huge offer for people who are not at all interested in those boards under the feet. We have been totally thrilled by winter hiking without any special equipment. You go up by cable car and walk along prepared ways with normal winter shoes and can even climb up the one or other mountain top. Fantastic! If the Haldensee is frozen you

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Week 68 and 69: Tannheimer Tal in Autumn

Coming from warm Lisbon we had some difficulties to adapt to the climate. Change from Summer to Winter In Mönchengladbach we emptied out our suitcases, put everything into the washing machine and sorted it our. The thin summer clothes went into a storing box and the thick winter clothes into the suitcase. Very good that we have got vacuum bags. They save a lot of room. Nevertheless winter needs more luggage than summer. Well! That will hopefully change soon, when we get another car. We are still looking for one though. In case you know something… Meeting people and chatting all night In Mönchengladbach we also met Tanja from  Vielweib and could have easily spent another two nights talking to her. Get in touch if you want to meet us when we are around. We love to meet you! Der @hdrmeurer hatte heute großen Hunger 😂 — Tanja (@vielweib)

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How to Make “Speckknödel”

At the Adlerhorst hut we ate such a good bacon dumpling that we asked whether we could watch one day how they are made. Thanks for the chance!   The base are cubes cut freshly out of own bread rolls (Semmeln). Then you need some homemade bacon, onions, leek, parsley and some spices, lard, milk and flour. The fine cut bacon is roasted and put on the bread cubes.   After that the fine cut parsley, leek and the spices are added.   The onions are roasted in greaves lard and are also added to the cubes.   Then the fluid is poured and everything is mixed. It may rest for a while.   Some flour is added and again everything is mixed. And the dumplings are formed.   After cooking serve them in a consommé with some fresh cut chive.   Enjoy your meal!! Thanks again to the team

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How to Make Kaiserschmarrn

I guess most of us know the plate full of golden pieces maybe with some raisins in it. And some apple sauce. The Kaiserschmarrn. At every hut in the alps it is on the menu and is a popular dish after an extensive hike. Every chef has probably his own recipe and every one has surely her own trick or secret ingredience, that makes the “Mehlspeise” – as it is called in Austria – something special. We were allowed to look chef Michael Schranzhofer from the alpine lifestyle hotel Jungbrunn in Tannheim at the Grill restaurant over the shoulder. Thanks a lot for the opportunity! The classic ingredients are: milk, flour, eggs, sugar and some salt. For the sauce – at the Jungbrunn you will get plum sauce instead of apple sauce with it – you need some plums. And a lot of butter for the pan. And here the Kaiserschmarrn

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Summer Hiking in Tannheimer Valley compared to Winter Hiking

We have spent some time in winter at the Tannheimer Tal and did some winter hiking. Now we are back in town and tried summer hiking. Here are our results of the comparison: Some cable cars are also working The valley is more green than white It is warmer Some routes are the same At the theme paths some stations can only be used in the summer time There are no hot air balloons but many para gliders There are more hiking trails available to choose from You sweat more but slip less Brooks swoosh like in winter times There are less people around You can also sit outside the huts in summer There are cows and horses on the meadows… and pigs The view is also in summer absolutely stunning There are more flowers and plants along the ways There is now the Tannheimer Tal Card, with which the cable cars are free to

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How to make soap

Already in the winter times I have read, that in Jungholz there are seminars offered from the society of „Kräuterfrauen“ – herb women. Among the courses is also one about making soap. First we visited the herb garden. Sometimes the participants of the seminar first go collect herbs while walking along the ways. Afterwards they use those herbs for the soaps. Soap making needs some ingredients: First you need different kind of fats. But also lye. The natron for that you can get in the pharmacies. In Austria only with your signature though. So that you don’t use it for other or negative purposes. The hard fats have to be melted. And the lye has to be mixed. As we wanted to make lavender soap a lavender tea has been prepared before. The flowers had been filtered. While stirring the lye gets quickly quite hot. That is one of the

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Tannheimer Valley Disport

The weather oapometimes does not allow for a huge hiking tour. Maybe you are scared to be surprised by a thunder storm in the middle of a mountain or to get into a harsh rain… What can you do? In the Tannheimer Tal there are a lot of other things to do: Thanks to the Tannheimer Tal Card you can drive up to the mountain tops and take a walk or just sit inside of a hut, enjoy a drink, listen to the cow bells or watch some para gliders. There on top you can wonderfully relax, even if sometimes a cloud blocks the sunlight. At the Neunerköpfle you can reach the top within some minutes and also in Grän it does not take long to the cross. A mountain climbing quickie so to say. In case of a rain fall you can reach a hut in no time… In case

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Week 59: Still at the Tannheimer Valley

Again a week is over. But it does not get boring. What happened in the first week you can read here. This week we received a „Gästekarte“ guest card and a „Bergfreund-Karte“. We first had to read and check what you can do with it. We stay at the Hotel Drei Tannen with a huge balcony and a nice view. Which is very practical so that we can quickly decide whether we should go for a photo hunt or not. Like that we have discovered a gorgeous rainbow. With the Bergfreund-Karte you can only use each lift once. But we drove to the top of the Neunerköpfle even on a cloudy day. And – what a surprise – it was really nice there on top. We had a small pick nick in a meadow. Which is also very interesting, especially when all the hikers walk by or a para

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