Wie macht man einen Mangoldstrudel - kochen im Jugendgästehaus in Wolfenbüttel by                     .

How To Make Mangold Strudel?

We tried it and cooked with freshly harvested ingredients from the region of Wolfenbüttel. Thanks to the kitchen staff of the Jugendgästehaus in Wolfenbüttel that we were allowed to look over their shoulder. And thanks for the Gemüsescheune that we could watch the harvesting. And thanks to the town’s gardener for the nice vegetable patch in the city. We want to make mangold strudel with a side salad. So let’s start. All the ingredients. Let’s first prepare the strudel dough. Mix egg, flour and water And knead it. Add oil and work it in. Do another pressure test. Let the dough rest for at least half an hour. During that time you can prepare the mangold. Wash the mangold, dry it and rip the stem out. Cut the stems. Cut the leaves. Peel onions and garlic and cut it. Sweat the onions and the garlic and add the stems Stirr

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Hotel-Weinbergschloesschen-60-Jahre_9810-mit-Feuerwerk flatten by Array.

60 Years Hotel Weinbergschlösschen

Nowadays it is hard to survive for family run hotels. Therefore it is very nice for a change to be able to watch a small hotel to not only survive a couple of generations but to also grow and develop. Unfortunately it is more common to loose the connection to modern times. The hotel Weinbergschlösschen is a praiseworthy exception. The younger generation took over a couple of years ago and changed some things immediately. Amongst them also the name. ‚Bergschlösschen‘ became ‚Weinbergschlösschen‘. That was the beginning of a number of smaller and bigger changes: First the rooms were renovated in a very skillful way. Skillful means that the rooms are presented individually and fondly designed. If nothing else because of the self sketched and designed furnitures that even include clever details for the guests. Here you will find a plug at each bedside. Unfortunately this is still not common today

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Wie macht man eine rheinische Rinderroulade? by                     .

How To Make Beef Olives?

At the Hotel zur Post Füllenbach they like to cook rhenish inbetween. Amongst others they serve beef olives with red cabbage and dumplings. Ingrediences You need for the beef olive: Beef, bacon, onions, gherkin, mustard, salt and pepper. Preparation Cut thin slices from the meat. Beat carefully so that the slices are flat. Cut the onions. Cut the gherkin in halves. Salt and pepper the meat Put some mustard on it Put the bacon on it Put some onions on one end Add some gherkins And roll tightly Fix with a toothpick Heat oil in a big pot Sear the beef olives Don’t turn them too early. They need some colour. Like that… Cut root vegetables into peaces And add it to the beef olives Let it all roast Add some tomato purée Mix it all Deglaze with some red wine Let it cook And stew everything for about two hours Preparation Red

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Wie macht man Reibekuchen? Typisch rheinische Küche by                     .

How to make a potato fritter?

We have been at the Hotel zur Post Füllenbach in Bonn-Beuel  to the kitchen and had a look how to make Rhenish potato fritter. Ingrediences You need: potatoes, eggs, onions, salt, pepper and here at the Hotel zur Post they also use oat flakes. They are supposed to make the fritter more crispy. Preparation Peel the potatoes Grate them You can also use a kitchen machine. Add the eggs Mix thoroughly. Does not have to be by hand. Add the oat flakes Mix again Heat some oil in a pan. And add a spoon full of dough. There should be three in a pan. The fritters should swim in the oil Turn them once in a while Until they are nice and crispy Let them dry on a piece of paper towel Serve with apple sauce. And enjoy! How do you prefer your potato fritters? Tell us about your preferred choice and

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Die regionale Spezialität der Sächsischen Schweiz: Krautwickel by                     .

How to make Krautwickel

A special regional dish in Saxon Switzerland are “Krautwickel” – stuffed cabbage. We had a look how they are made. First you need boiling water with salt and caraway for the cabbage Cut out the stem from the cabbage Peel potatoes and cook them Put a dry bun into water. Weight it with a plate. Put the whole cabbage into the boiling water. Cut onions and marjoram and parsley into small pieces for the minced meat. Add an egg, salt and a spoon full of mustard. Squeeze the bun and add it. Mix all together. Meanwhile the leafs come off the cabbage. Put them back into the boiling water for some minutes and let the rest in cool water. Cut off the stem of each leaf. Put two or three leafs on top of each other and add some minced meat. Fold it and roll it tight. Here is a

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Kitchenparty at the Weinbergschlösschen

Kitchen party? Of course. You know this from private birthday parties, when in the end everybody meets in the kitchen. Because it is so cozy. Exactly. With the kitchen party at the Hotel Weinbergschlössschen in Oberheimbach it works likewise. The only difference is that is takes not only place in the kitchen and that it is quite some work. But the guest can get very close.   It starts at six o’clock. The tables get filled up. The stations are prepared. The wine-growers have cooled their wine or opened it. The receptonists are waiting. The music is playing. Everything is well prepared in the kitchen. The service team is in standby position. Without any ceremony it starts. You stroll through the different conference rooms and function rooms, through the restaurant and the lobby. And the kitchen – of course. Everywhere there are stations, where somebody cooks or prepares a dish.

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Blitzrezept aus dem Weinbergschlösschen von Marc Lambrich by                     .

Fast Cooking: Mango-Nuts-Prawn-Salad

Another quick dish from Chef Marc Lambrich. Let’s go. We need prawns. and a mango. Pelle the mango and cut off the pulp. Cut the pulp into small pieces and put them into a bowl. Cut the green from spring onions into small rings and put them also into the bowl. Roast hazelnuts. Cut the prawns in half. Chop the hazelnuts and put them also into the bowl. Mix well. Roast the prawns shortly and decorate them on the salad. Ready! Enjoy! You can use peanuts or other nuts instead. All photos © Waltzing Meurers

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Blitzrezept aus dem Weinbergschlösschen von Marc Lambrich by                     .

Fast cooking: Tomatoe-Bacon-Roll

Chef Marc Lambrich from Hotel Weinbergschlößchen told us a recipe. In case you do not have much time for cooking or in the holiday flat you do not have many ingredients or much equipment, there are some dishes that do not need much effort but taste very good. Let’s get started. Roll out carefully the puff paste onto a drying up towel. put some melted butter or oil on it put slices of bacon on it add some tomatoe sauce rasp Parmesan cheese on it wrap the edge of the dough carefully and roll the dough using the drying up towel add some more melted butter and cut into small slices. Put the slices on a baking tray and bake it. Ready! Enjoy! Vegetariens can leave out the bacon or add other ingredients. All photos © Waltzing Meurers

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WIldschwein-Wrap in der Gaststätte Reitling #nhavo by                     .

How to Make a Venison Wrap

At the country inn Reitling we were allowed to have a look over the shoulder of the creative kitchen crew and learned how to make a venison wrap. Thanks for the opportunity! Let’s start: The meat of the saddle of the wild boar is trimmed. That means cords and other disturbing parts are cut off. Afterwards it is cut into slices which then are cut into quarters so that you get small and flat pieces. No we have all the ingredients. In a pot onions are heated and peppers are added and roasted. The meat is roasted in a pan. The rest of the chopped vegetabls is added, deglazed with the red wine and flambéed. Meanwhile you can decorate the plate with a little bit of salad and add the previously prepared tzatziki. Cream and spices are added to the vegetables and simmered. Then the vegetables are put onto a wheat

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Tannheimertal-Herbst-Speckknoedel-Adlerhorst_5110 by                     .

How to Make “Speckknödel”

At the Adlerhorst hut we ate such a good bacon dumpling that we asked whether we could watch one day how they are made. Thanks for the chance!   The base are cubes cut freshly out of own bread rolls (Semmeln). Then you need some homemade bacon, onions, leek, parsley and some spices, lard, milk and flour. The fine cut bacon is roasted and put on the bread cubes.   After that the fine cut parsley, leek and the spices are added.   The onions are roasted in greaves lard and are also added to the cubes.   Then the fluid is poured and everything is mixed. It may rest for a while.   Some flour is added and again everything is mixed. And the dumplings are formed.   After cooking serve them in a consommé with some fresh cut chive.   Enjoy your meal!! Thanks again to the team

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