From Wolfenbüttel we went to Bremerhaven. The highways have been really full and there have been huge traffic jams which we avoided with a nice detour with beautiful roads and old trees and lovely villages. We could have been shortly before two o’clock at our holiday flat if there would not have been a road block some hundred meters before our accomodation.

The satnav send us around but the road block stayed in our way. When we saw some runners we knew there was a sports event. Nothing doing! We tried to call the Aparthotel but nobody answered. We tried the number on the booking confirmation and learned that we should pick up the keys for the flat at the hotel. Seriously? But how do we get to the hotel? Through a marathon? Shortly before three o’clock we arrived at the hotel got the keys and some water. But nobody there had an idea how we could get to the flat. No chance. We had to sit the marathon out. We looked for something to eat and found a pizza delivery service where we spent an hour. The very friendly hotel called to inform us as the roads have been open again. So finally we could move in. What an unnecessary waste of lifetime.
We always recommend to inform the guests directly with the booking when there is a bigger event during their stay. Then the guests can decide whether they keep the booking and if they do so they know that there may be constraints. Without previous information it might be frustrating. So it is always better to put the cards on the table. If only we had known we would have planned our travel differently. We would have started later or would have had a longer break at one of the lovely villages. In any case we would have planned our arrival for a time after the event.

Photo calender Wolfenbüttel 2018

This week bore more excitement: the press proof for our first photo calendar arrived. Two different variations. One on different paper than planned before. But the chosen paper does not work well. The colours are not brilliant enough. But the paper weight feels good. If the photos are shown well this will be a nice calendar.

Andruck Kalender Wolfenbüttel

Two days later the second press proof came. This time it was much better. The alternative paper works well and apart from two pages everything looked perfect. Great. This will be just great. The second calendar and photo book are developing. For the description of some photos we are still guessing where this could have been taken and what they show. Even natives are at odds. Maybe the gps data will bring clarity. Lets see what happens…


Bremerhaven was great. Huge wideness, much space, a lot of water, many ships and plenty of fish. Nice people, nice tweeters that have been very helpful. Weather was playing along. And we have been cycling again. A real bike; no e-bike. It is so much fun. You get quickly from here to there – depending on the route. If there are interesting photo motives we have to stop every twenty meters. But that is a different story.

Read the full story: Bremerhaven – water, ships and fish

Overall it was an exciting week. And now we are off to the Northern Harz Foreland. We have been there before. But in a different season. So we are looking forward to it.



After our stay in Mülheim an der Ruhr we had some days off and used the time not for leisure but we instead used them for work. This time we worked on some other projects.

I went on with writing my book and really managed to finish the first text version. Yeah! Now I will start with proofreading and then of course I have to search for the adequate photos. Phew! That will be quite some work, too.

Achim worked on a photo calendar and on a photo book at the same time. Yes! There will be two different photo calendars in 2018 in cooperation and there will be a photo book. Details will be provided soon. The most difficult part was to select the photos. And assigning them to the respective month in the calendar. And then the job files have to be prepared as well. All these things are time consuming and we could not do them within a regular work week.

After that our official time in Wolfenbüttel started with a craft beer party. Great start! The topics this week were otherwise half-timber, gardening, half-timber, cycling, half-timber, vegetables, half-timber, cooking, half-timber, beach, half-timber and museum.

Here you can the full story about Summer Time in Wolfenbüttel

And here you will find the recipe for How to make Mangoldstrudel

You can’t avoid half-timbered houses here. We really have to start marking which houses and doors and details we already have photographed… I think some photos are double already. Okay at the doors there are different decorations: blooming flowers instead of a Christmas wreath, but otherwise… How can we memorise it?? And there is a photowalk scheduled… Luckily there is a topic fixes otherwise we would have taken pictures of the houses and doors for the third time.

We enjoyed riding our bikes in Wolfenbüttel. It is much fun. If the weather would have been a little bit more friendly we would have covered more kilometers. Here you can cycle often on side roads or in parks and against the one way direction. And there are no big inclines. Very comfortable.

In the end we could peek into the smallest house which is just being formed into a holiday flat. We are really curious how it will look in the end. But the first impressions are promising.

Now we are going for one week to Bremerhaven and after that we will be in the region again – at the Northern Harz Foreland.

The Yield

  • 2 Blogposts on the Echtlessig-Blog
  • 2 English Blogposts here
  • 136 tweets
  • 33 Youtube Videos
  • 15 Instagramposts and 6 Instagram Stories
  • 864 Photos taken
  • 418 Photos delivered
  • by far too much overtime work

All Photos © DieMeurers



For traveling from the Tannheimer Tal to Mülheim we had two days. Very good. As for the weekend massive traffic had been forecasted because of the start of the summer holidays in some federal states.

Impressionen aus Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Ruhrgebiet , NRW by Achim Meurer.

Nevertheless we got through very well and went quite far. Towards our old home. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant and looked for a nice sleeping place. We stopped for a short visit and went on towards Mülheim. We checked in to our holiday flat around noon. Well there have been some surprises. But I need some material for my book…

In the afternoon we had our first meeting with our customer. Everything was well prepared – thanks to our checklist. Something new was a first discovery tour right after the meeting.

Maybe we should  include this into our list. While driving around we could exclude a lot of fotopoints from our list because building were scaffolded or not accessible or not in a visually good shape etc. There were many reasons.

For all those motives that were taken into consideration we could fix the time for the foot shooting. But we learned. We really have to leave the car and have a look at the location. Then we could have saved one or two tours. But at the end of the day we saved a lot of time with this tour. We will surely try that again.


We have been very good cared for with a b that reacted very quickly and offered right away support and solutions. Though all the cooperation partners had been informed before there are still some overeager members of the staff that need to see a written allowance. Sometimes we really have something in writing though with us. This time we did not have something in writing. But we got it cleared pretty soon.

Very spontaneous activities were possible like: „Can we please go on top of the guild hall tower tomorrow evening?“ Thanks to the whole team, that mad things quickly and very flexibly possible and engaging.

Very difficult were – like always – motives with people. Those photos are legally always challenging and we prefer to work with models and according contracts. But those photos are often wished.


We had a very interesting appointment with the local press and we got a very nice article afterwards.

Mit leichtem Gepäck durch die Welt”

Impressionen aus Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Ruhrgebiet , NRW by .

Udo Gottschalk, Fotograf für die WAZ/NRZ, während des Pressetermins auf der alten Eisenbahnbrücke in Mülheim a.d.R.

lIt was striking how well twitter works in Mülheim. We got invitations through twitter, information and as mentioned, the local press learned about us on twitter. That was real fun. Please more of this in the future! By the way the hashtag is: #MHruhr

Our holiday flat had a washing machine included. We love to take advantage of that and wash as much as possible. Achim did some cooking after the necessary equipment for that had been delivered. And so it was a very nice week with no bigger highs and lows or any catastrophes.

Our Week in Mülheim:

Mülheim – A Collection Of Gems

Our Live Twitter Report from Mülheim

The Week in Numbers:

  • 1044 Photos taken
  • 362 photos delivered
  • 142 tweets
  • 989 words in the Blogpost
  • 8 hours overwork







After the Cycle Marathon we were supposed to do much more photos. With models and at different selected places.

But weather was not playing along at all. For the time of the year and this area that was quite unusual. Cold and grey you only know from different areas. One afternoon we could do some photo shooting. But many other photo shootings had to be canceled.

We had enough to do though as the cycle marathon had produced so much material that we spent quite some time sorting it out and editing. We had to post on Facebook and twitter and had to link everything to each other. There were many further enquiries and requests. With 2000 participants it had to be expected that there would be a huge interest afterwards.

We had to go to the camping ground for washing our clothes. This is much more time consuming of course than using a washing machine in the same building. We used the time for shopping. Why not. And we did a short trip. A longer hike would have been more to our liking…

And so this week also quickly passed by.

Something to read from our time at the Tannheimer Tal:

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Our Blogpost:

Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017

Cycle Marathon – The Story behind the Photo

Some Photo impressions from this week: All Photos © DieMeurers

After the huge event at the Hotel Weinbergschlösschen, we had some days off and used them for meeting old acquaintances and friends.

It is amazing that, now that we are traveling all the time, we meet much more classmates, friends, family members or acquaintances. When we were settled it was very complicated to meet. We thought about a date, but then it would not be possible. Then somebody else could not make. Then something unexpected happened…

But now, we call with a very short notice when we are around and mostly it is: „Yes, please! Come and visit us!“. And we have sooooooo much to talk about. And we will sit together and have a glass or two and talk and talk and talk. It is striking how many people we have met so far. And we love it!

Then we went on to the Tannheimer Tal. We have been here before. And this time it was all about: „Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017“. Like with the skitrail we should document the event and the small things around it. And of course some nice landscapes with bikers.

During the first days there was not much to do. We even had time to visit the ‚panorama sun hat‘.

And of course a video. Because – most people do not know that the hat is turnable!

But the schedule got more and more busy. Day after day. And finally the Cycle Marathon reached its peak on Sunday. From the start to the very last driver we covered the whole day and spend some time along the route. Then we went back to the start-finish area and back to the route…

We have written here how much time and work we put into it: 

Cycle Marathon – The Story Behind The Photo

The Cycle Marathon is a great event anyway. It is all about fun. And now we are somehow in the mood for biking…

The complete story you can read here: 

Cycle Marathon Tannheimer Tal 2017

We will spend another week in Europe’s most beautiful high valley – as the Tannheimer Tal is also called. Lets hope the weather will be kind to us.



We accompany the hotel Weinbergschlösschen now already for several years. So we were very happy to hear that we could also document a big anniversary: 60 years Hotel Weinbergschlösschen.

As we arrived one day earlier we were able to see a lot of the preparations for the festivity. When seeing it all from an outsider’s view you do wonder how in the end all the strings come together and there is a great event.


How nice, when you can delight someone with your work. And the anniversary celebration did exactly that. It was kind of an enlargement of the kitchen party that we also have experienced once – only this time it was much bigger. More stations, fireworks, a raffle and a five tier cake. What else do you need? But the Lambrich brothers will surely make up something new next time. We hopefully will be part of it and report it.

This week it was strange that we had our spare time in the beginning and our real tasks were scheduled for the weekend. But on the other hand we could spend some time at the Rhine and could do some other things and could document much of the preparations.

The weather was great. And so it was a georgious party and we took a lot of photos. The whole story you can find here.

60 years hotel Weinbergschlösschen

For us it gets more and more clear that our decision to put some days in-between leaving and arriving for the next job was a very good idea. It is so good to get your head clear and we do feel less stressed out. And we also do feel less driven. It can go on like that.

All Photos ©